Discover the School Enterprise Challenge 2020 Prize Winners

Although fewer people than usual were able to take part in the programme due to the global health crisis, the School Enterprise Challenge 2020 still had a wide reach and a big impact! In spite of this extraordinary year, we were able to help nearly 25,000 young people in 32 countries gain and strengthen key life skills through the programme. This was only possible thanks to the support of more than 1,400 teachers!

We were able to award cash prizes to several schools thanks to the ongoing support from The Saville Foundation and ICM Limited. Find below the list of prize winners for this year, who represent the sheer diversity of the people participating in the programme, and the great entrepreneurial spirit of young people around the world:

Step 1 prizes: Business Ideas

Best Business Idea Prize – Zomba Catholic Secondary School, Malawi

Best Business Idea Prize – Instituto Manuel Bonilla, Honduras

Best Business Idea Prize – Centro de Educación Media para Personas Jóvenes y Adultas 138, Paraguay

Best Business Idea Prize – Veda Vyasa Dav Public School, India

Step 2 Prizes: Business Plans

Top Global Prize – Instituto Departamental de Oriente, Honduras

Best Bronze Business Plan – Alwitmac Primary School, Uganda

Best Silver Business Plan – The Pen International School, Ghana

Best Gold Strategic Plan – Centro Educacional Pantaleón, Nicaragua

Step 3 Prizes: Business Implementation

Top Global Prize – Ekonomsko-trgovinska Škola, Serbia

Best Bronze Annual Report – Vidya Viksini School (i.c.s.e), India

Best Silver Annual Report – St.Kizito Ediofe Orphans Primary School, Uganda

Best Gold Annual Report – M.L.Khanna DAV Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi, India

Special Category

Headteacher of the year – Happiness Kalu, Nigeria

Inspirational Teacher – Thelma Enamorado Moreno, Honduras

Enterprising Student – Armaan Singh, India

Special Recognition Prize – Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta No. 811 JM, Guatemala

To get a chance to win a prize for your school next year, express your interest for the School Enterprise Challenge 2021! You will be the first to hear from us once registrations open:


Ideas for how to move forward with your school business in spite of COVID-19

The deadline for submission for School Enterprise Challenge participants is on 20th November 2020. School teams should submit their Business Idea, Business Plan, or Annual Report before then. By submitting, they will be eligible to receive their Award Level certificate, and will get the chance to get one of the prizes we are offering this year! 


In this post, we wanted to share a selection of schools that have found innovative ways to plan their business and/or to keep it running throughout this difficult year. Of course, these are just ideas of what teams could do – but you are in the best position to know what is manageable for your team in your specific context and given your resources. Please always keep your team’s safety as your top priority.

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The School Enterprise Challenge 2020: Information about prizes and deadlines

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for everyone, and our team has been working hard to continue supporting schools, through our professional development webinars for teachers and our newest initiative for teenagers, the Enterprise Adventure.

We know that there are many school business teams who are still eager and able to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge, and who have been moving forward coming up with, planning and implementing their school business! As always, our team is so excited to see what great ideas students come up with and how they turn these into a reality. 

Deadline for the School Enterprise Challenge 2020

As the end of the year is approaching, we have decided to have a submission deadline once again, to help business teams effectively plan their time – and so we can review business teams’ submissions and decide who is eligible to receive their Award Level certificate or a prize this year!

The final submission deadline for 2020 will be on Friday 20th November. 

Changes to the School Enterprise Challenge 2020 prize list

The School Enterprise Challenge team has also faced difficulties this year – due to budget cuts, we had to reduce the amount of funding dedicated to prizes for this year. In spite of everything, we are happy to still be able to offer a variety of prizes to the most enterprising schools, teachers and students this year!

We have come up with a brand new prize list featuring more prizes for the Best Business Ideas and Business Plans. This is because we know that this year, many teams will not have been able to run their businesses. But we still want to reward the effort and dedication that teams have put in despite the challenging circumstances! And don’t forget that because of the disruption from COVID-19, fewer schools are taking part: this means that schools’ chances of winning a prize are higher, as they will have fewer competitors.


So, if it is safe for business teams to do so, we encourage them to submit their next template by 20th November 2020 and try to win one of our great prizes for their school! 

The Enterprise Adventure is here!

We are so excited to announce that the Enterprise Adventure app has launched! Young people all over the world can now take part in this exciting new initiative that will take them on an entrepreneurial journey in 10 missions.

The Enterprise Adventure helps young people identify the problems their community is facing and guides them to set up a social enterprise that solves those problems.
Taking part in the Enterprise Adventure is free and easy: all students have to do is go to the Enterprise Adventure app and sign up with their email or Google account. Once signed up, young people will be able to set up their profile and start completing the missions.


The School Enterprise Challenge in ‘Childhood Education: Innovations’

The School Enterprise Challenge is featured in the current issue (July/August 2020) of Childhood Education: Innovations! This publication is aimed at anyone in the education community who wants to stay informed about the most recent ideas and innovations in childhood education, by sharing information and insights from schools around the world. 

We are so excited to have an article by one of our colleagues titled The School Enterprise Challenge: Learning by Doing, be part of this insightful publication. 

You can subscribe to Childhood Education: Innovations to read about all sorts of exciting and creative approaches to learning, or you can purchase the individual article here:


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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about the School Enterprise Challenge 2020


In this blog, we answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received from school teams, including what you can do while your school is closed and how the submission deadlines have changed.  

We hope you find these answers helpful and that they will give you some clarity as to what you can do during these uncertain times – and what you’ll be able to do once schools open again! We are aware that not all teams will be able to meet virtually and work on their business while their school is closed, so remember that some of the ideas we offer below are suggestions.

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Participants share what a ‘Good Entrepreneur’ is to them

As lockdown is still ongoing in many countries around the world, the School Enterprise Challenge team released our third optional activity for students to engage with school businesses from home during the pandemic: A Good Entrepreneur.

Download Activity 3 – A good entrepreneur

Students are invited to write a brief review of a character from their favourite film or book, as a way to think about the entrepreneurial qualities which helped them to overcome obstacles. This activity gave students the chance to reflect on which attitudes and skills are needed to succeed in entrepreneurship and helped develop their communication skills and aspiration.

We loved reading students’ accounts of inspiring characters and were amazed at how passionately they talked about them! Check out a few of the submissions we received below.  

Jo March

Anjali from the Ahlcon Public School in India paints a passionate portrait of Jo March, her favorite character in the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. “The charm of Little Women was never really about the relationships at all; Jo’s fight to remain fearlessly herself in a man’s world and to achieve her dream of a writer’s life against all obstacles— that was the real love story”. Read more about why she chose this protagonist as a model here.


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Branding materials by School Enterprise Challenge participants!

Although there are already several weeks of pandemic and lockdown behind us, the next few months worldwide are still unclear. To keep students engaged from home, the School Enterprise Challenge team has developed optional activities for teachers to offer to their students. The second activity we offered is all about finding a brand identity for a business. 

Download Activity 2 – Brand identity

A brand’s identity is what makes it stand out, what makes us remember it. We asked students to come up with a brand for their business, with logos as a starting point to depict their brand. We invited them to look further down the line by thinking about colours, slogans, etc. This activity focuses on creativity as well as business knowledge.

We were so impressed with the students’ innovative designs and motivation in representing their brands! Here are some of the branding materials we have received. 

The team of students at Choithram School in India focus on making crafts from recycled materials, compost from dry leaves, and plant saplings from flower cuttings as a part of their school enterprise ‘Good Earth’.

Good Earth Logo Designed by Nandini Bhachawat in they year 2016Their beautiful logo portrays their connection with nature and the wonderful wealth of our planet which must be protected for future generations. The arrows symbolisethe eternal cycle of reduce, reuse and recycle highlighting that waste can be made best with the proper utilisation of available resources.” Finally, “the nascent sapling in the centre signifying growth and freshness conveys that ‘Green’ is the hallmark of ‘Good Earth’.” These ambassadors of conservation sure know how to invoke all their activities in one logo.

WordmarkThey even made a wordmark in order to distinguish their products from others and be easily recognised by customers!


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Elevator Pitches by School Enterprise Challenge students!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be a challenge for teachers to keep their students engaged and involved in the school business. To help keep the learning going, even from home, the School Enterprise Challenge team is providing teachers with optional activities they can offer their students: the Elevator Pitch activity is the first activity that we shared with teachers, and further activities will be shared over the next few weeks. 

Click here to download Activity 1: the Elevator Pitch

To successfully give an elevator pitch, students had to present their school business in a convincing and clear way, as though they were talking to a potential investor during an elevator ride, so they only had 1 minute! The goal of this activity is to enable them to develop communication and critical thinking skills

We were impressed with the great pitches we received from students all over the world! Here is a selection of some amazing pitches. 

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.27.51

Dennis from the Kolanya Boys High School in Kenya pitched a great double action hand sanitiser: not only does this gel sanitise your hands, but it also moisturises them! It’s non toxic, food safe, and dries quickly. If we had been on the receiving end of that pitch, we would be funding this project right now! Check out his full pitch in video form here.

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Our COVID-19 Response


The School Enterprise Challenge is still running in 2020 and registrations remain open for the foreseeable future.

However, because of the restrictions imposed on people around the world due to the pandemic (social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, etc.) we will be running a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge. As such, deadlines which had been set at the start of the year (and still appear on certain parts of our website and materials) no longer apply. Instead, we encourage teams to do what they can, when they can, whilst remaining safe and acting in accordance with local and international health regulations.

We would like to reassure all members of our community that we remain committed to supporting teachers around the world to deliver a relevant education to their students by providing high quality enterprise education resources and support.

Therefore, as well as continuing to run a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge (for those who are able to still go to school or meet remotely) as mentioned above, we will also be offering free professional development opportunities for all teachers from all countries (not just those who are already taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge).

We developed a series of webinars (interactive online educational sessions) focusing on enterprise education and holistic teaching skills & methodologies. They are all available on the Teach A Man To Fish YouTube channel.

Despite being faced with difficult circumstances, we are determined to continue working towards our mission. This means we will continue to support teams to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge as best as possible and we will also increase our offerings to teachers in order to make sure they are well supported during this period and are equipped with the skills to succeed once normality resumes and schools re-open.

Important note: We advise all our community members to follow WHO guidance in response to COVID-19 at all times.