Monthly Archives: April 2011

Welcome to the International School Enterprise Challenge

The International School Enterprise Challenge officially launched a few weeks ago, and since then we have already had 26 schools sign up in total. Over the next eight months, you will be able to visit this blog to get a round up of the news from the hundreds of schools from across the globe that we expect to participate.

This is a global competition with a grand prize of USD $10,000 for the best entry, and $5,000 for three runners up. That being said, everyone that participates will be a winner, as by starting up school based enterprises schools will be creating a new sustainable source of income and a valuable learning resource for thmselves.

The School Enterprise Challenge is being run by UK-based international development charity Teach A Man To Fish, who believe that the key to tackling global poverty is by addressing the relevancy and availability of education. Our model of the financially self-sufficient school takes a two-pronged approach – by helping schools in developing countries to set up their own eneterprises, schools are not only generating their own income to support their educational activities, but are also giving their students hands on experience of running a real business. Students therefore get a high quality education for free, and leave school equipped with the skills they will need to lift themselves out of poverty.

The School Enterprise Challenge is designed to get as many schools as possible in the developing world to take their first steps on the journey towards financial self-sufficiency. We want to prove that all schools, no matter how limited their financial resources might be, have the ability to take those all-important first steps.

It’s not about talk, it’s about action – so what are you waiting for? Sign up to the School Enterprise Challenge today and join a movement that is changing the face of education in the developing world.