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Business Plans & Blog Winners


The Business Plans have been flooding in and we’ve had some real inspirational ones!  If you have not sent your Business Plan to us already then please do so by sending it to

To those that have sent us their business plans then congratulations on completing the first step of the competition! We hope you are as excited as we are at seeing the launch of your enterprises and making part two as big a success as part one…

This month and every month we have been holding a blog competition…we can now announce the winner…

In first place with the best blog – as voted on by the Teach A Man To Fish team – we are awarding Chak Kham Khanathon school in Thailand and their blog ‘when it comes to hand’ with the title of winners!  You can read it here:


They will be awarded by a special prize that will be sent to their school by post…so well done!

We also have to congratulate the runners up for their outstanding contributions! They will also receive something shortly.  To read the blogs of the runners up please click on the links below…

-Victoria Education Support in Kenya

– May College in Uganda

– Central Model School Khanewal in Pakistan

– GA Maamendhoo School in the Maldives

We look forward to reading more blogs and receiving more business plans!















The clock is ticking!

We have 587 schools registered – fantastic!  We are receiving lots of blogs and business plans so if you have not started your blog or are not preparing your business plan then start now!

To help you with your business plan we have been sending out daily tips on how to write a winning business plan!  You will receive these by email and also we will post a shorter version on Facebook at:

Also, if you have not ‘like’ our Facebook page then please do so now.

So far we have given you information about how to complete 1,2,3 of your business plan.  In the following days and by the end of next week you will have received tips on all sections of the business plan to be able to complete a winning entry.  We really hope this advice helps you and if you have any questions then please email us at:

Happy blog and business plan writing! 🙂

Check out other blogs for the School Enterprise Challenge by visiting:

Deadline Day & Other News

Well done to for a fantastic blog!  We have had such a great week with an increase in schools writing blogs and sending us their business plans! We sincerely hope that you and your enterprise are on the way to launching soon!

We have now reached a whopping 534 schools (and climbing) as the deadline approaches later on today.  Congratulations to all of you who joined and we wish you great success in writing your blogs & business plans and above all launching your profit-making businesses!

We expect to see photos and hear lots of news from you and your school in the coming weeks so from a sunny, Friday afternoon here in London we wish you a great weekend!

Teach A Man To Fish


A short guide to setting up your Word Press account..

We thought that for those who are not too familiar with computers and how to use Word Press that we would help you set up your blog account by writing a short guide:

If you visit the Word Press website by clicking on my link:

When you click on it you will see that you need to put a ‘blog address’.  For your school it would be best. When you have chosen a blog address (the name of your school or team) then click on the option for ‘no thanks, I’ll use the free address’ if it appears.

Then you need to click on the username space and the same name will appear from your blog address. The next step is to choose a password and confirm it by typing it in again.

Lastly, you must enter an email address that you want to use to manage your blog – probably the one you are using now.

Once you have entered all the information you need to click on the blue ‘sign up’ button at the bottom.

You will then receive an email (remember to check your junk folder) which you must open and click on the link to activate your Word Press account.

Once you have activated your account you will then need to delete the welcome blog -hello world- and create your own new blog which tells the world about your school and your enterprise!

I hope this helps!  There is also more information in the pack on pages 74-77 about how to write a blog.

Good luck and we hope to see your new blog soon!

How to write a blog..

Our guide to writing your first blog:

We realise that reading blogs are easier than writing them so we have written a short guide to help you write your first (or second) successful blog!  Follow these steps to success…

Write about:

  • What has happened these past few weeks?  Have you been busy with your enterprise or have things been really easy for you?
  • Do you have a clear idea of what enterprise you are going to launch or are you still unsure?
  • Have you been brainstorming – getting together and thinking of ideas for an enterprise? This is one of the most effective ways of discovering new ideas and finalising ideas you have already talked about.  What did you talk about, was it successful?
  • If you have decided already on your enterprise, how did you come to that decision – did you vote, did you do market research, is there a big demand for this service/product?
  • Tell the world your worries, concerns, how you feel, if you are happy, feeling inspired…we want to know!

If you do not have any ideas for an enterprise then please visit page 21 of the School Enterprise Challenge Guide where you have at least eight ideas for a business.  Think about animals, vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs, cleaning and repairing services, recycling, skills, jewellery, insects, bread…anything is possible!

More information about writing a blog can be found on page 74-77 of the pack…

Good luck!

Blogs & Business Plans

We’re really looking forward to seeing more blogs from you all, especially now as we have 478 schools that have signed up worldwide!  If you are unsure about how to set up your Word Press account or what to include in your blog then please see the School Enterprise Challenge Guide.  This guide has everything you need to know about the competition and will guide you through your monthly blogs, your business plan and more!

If you have not received your guide when you signed up then please email

A blog does not have to be a million pages long!  The most effective blogs are those that are short and sweet.  Remember, a blog is something for the world to read to let them know how you are doing and what you have been up to.  All we need from you is an update.  Did you have a good week or a bad week? Why? Tell the world how you feel and let us know your problems so we can turn them into solutions!

On a different note, we would like to draw attention to a fantastic and innovative business plan submitted by Smorgon Gymnasium N4 in Belarus.  They have really found a gap in the market for their students by creating a school table and chair repair enterprise!  As the schools are run by the government there is little money to buy new furniture so they have launched a paint & repair business.  They have also really taken into consideration the ‘Planet’ criteria as they are saving trees by repairing the furniture.  The business fits in perfectly with their education and when they received their market research back they saw a big demand for this type of business, so well done!

If you are currently in the process of writing your enterprise business plan and you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.  The plan should be within the four page limit and the financial plan should be easy to understand.  All of this information and how to write your business plan is found in the guide.

Remember – there are three $1,000 money prizes given to the top three business plans so let’s get writing!



Extension of Deadline & Other News


What great work we have seen develop over this past week!

If you are still recommending the School Enterprise Challenge to schools in your local area then you do not have to worry about the deadline anymore!  We have now officially EXTENDED the registration deadline to July 15th.  This will mean that on top of the 465 schools that have signed up (a whole 126 more than last week!), more will have the chance to do so within these last crucial weeks!

There have been more amazing blog entries this week, with the Chrysalis School for Young Social Entrepreneurs in Uganda and The President Barack Obama Junior Africa Foundation Computer College of Kenya providing the outstanding entries of the week.

However, we need to see more blog entries! Remember, as part of the competition you are required to make at least one blog entry per month until the competition comes to a close in December.

So let’s get blogging!