Business plans it’s time for action!

Hello to all you School Enterprises!

With your business plans completed you should now be launching your businesses – if you have not already!  We have been receiving some fabulous blogs here on WordPress which show us that most of you have started implementing your business plans and selling your service/products – so well done to you!

If you have not started yet because of school holidays or busy school times you still have time. We recommend that you launch your business very soon.  This way you will also make more money for your school!

We want your business to be as successful as possible so in a couple of weeks we will start providing you with feedback on your business plan.  The winners of the best business plans will be announced in September.  These winners will receive $1,000USD.

Another way of receiving great prizes is by writing an outstanding blog for our August blog competition!  More information on this has been sent in our weekly update email.

We would love to see some pictures – please send them to and we can post them on Facebook!

Good luck and let’s get launching!!


About schoolenterprisechallenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an entrepreneurship competition for schools across the world! The challenge is to create profitable, sustainable businesses as a fun way to give kids hands-on business experience, develop their teamwork and leadership skills & generate income at the same time.
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