August Blog competition!

The August blog competition for the BEST blog is coming to an end…you have until Wednesday August 31st to impress us with your blogs, so let’s get writing!

The best blogs will be shortlisted to the final and will receive a little something from Teach A Man To Fish.

Remember to always send us your blog via email if you have not done so already or alternatively you can post them on our facebook page by clicking on the link below…

Good luck!


About schoolenterprisechallenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an entrepreneurship competition for schools across the world! The challenge is to create profitable, sustainable businesses as a fun way to give kids hands-on business experience, develop their teamwork and leadership skills & generate income at the same time.
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2 Responses to August Blog competition!

  1. Rosemary Nalubega Kisembo says:

    Hi members of Schools enterprise challenge
    The School Enterprise Challenge 2011 in St Roza College has seriously taken off , students participating in St Roza Kakigando Agro project have been on holiday , they have been working on their project . It was a rainy season ,they participated in clearing 3 acres of land with a help of their parents . They were able to plant 12kg of beans on one acre of land and two acres of maize were planted in a period od four weeks they have been on holiday . A total of 8 students participated and 7 parents and guardians. Members are very excited about the project we expect to harvest at least 300kgs of beans and 2000kgs of maize .
    We shall keep you informed of the developments

  2. Great event to learn from each other
    Love to be part of the event

    M Sharbinie

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