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September Photo Competition – Vote!


If you have Facebook then this means that you can help a school win the September Photo Competition by clicking ‘like’ on your favourite photo(s). Please note that in order to vote you must have liked the School Enterprise Challenge page first.  The votes/’likes’ will be counted Friday October 7th at 16:00 GMT.

If you do not have Facebook and you would like to vote then please click on this link and open an account:

To be directed to the album to see the photos and click ‘like’ on the ones you like please click this link:

Happy voting and let the best photo win!












The Importance of Blogging

Hello the SEC 2011 participants,

We have been reading some magnificent blogs over the past couple of months but you and your school enterprise team need to make them regular, at least once a month.  It is a requirement of the competition to write a blog every month that tells us who you are, what you have been doing, information about your school enterprise, why the competition is important to you, etc.

Blogs are a fantastic way for us and for your fellow competitors to share news and developments of your school enterprise and to track your progress.  Without a blog, we know very little about your business and your school.

Let’s get blogging!


Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2011

If you are an educational institute, school or organisation based in AFRICA that uses entrepreneurial techniques to fill gaps in educational services across the continent then you are eligible to submit an entry for the competition!

We are looking to reward and recognise outstanding educational institutions for their dedication to entrepreneurship in education.  Institutions with an entrepreneurial flair that use enterprise in creative and inclusive ways could win $10,000 for top prize! Country prizes of $1,000 are also being awarded.

In order to submit your entry you will be asked to write about the background, entrepreneurship, sustainability and achievements of the institution.  This can be done by clicking on the link below:


Good luck and we await your entry!


September Photo Competition!

Hello to all you School Enterprise Challenge participants!

You and your School Enterprise could win themselves a mini prize for participating in our September photo competition!  We are asking that you choose and submit ONE photo that you believe could win your team members the September photo competition!

The photo must be emailed to before Friday September 30th with a small description telling us what the photo is of.

Photo ideas:

– A photo of your school, the students, your studies…

– A photo of your town, city, poverty in your country…

– A photo that represents how your school enterprise will have a positive impact on your community…

Good luck and choose carefully!

August Blog Winner Announced!

We hope you have had another enjoyable week working on your enterprises and implementing your business plans!

In August we held a blog competition for the best written blog and we received an overwhelming number of excellent blog entries.  We can now announce that the WINNER of the August blog competition 2011 for the School Enterprise Challenge is…

(Drum roll….)


Their blog ‘Fun and Dangers in Field Work’ was a very detailed blog with great pictures and showed the hard work that the students are putting into their school enterprise!  You can read their blog here:

Reaching a decision about who wrote the best August blog was very difficult and for that reason we would like to highlight the following seven blogs for their outstanding work:

– Jhurry Rya School (JR School) Ltd, Mauritius –

– Chak Kham Khanathon, Thailand –

– Chrysalis School for Young Social EntrepreneursUganda


– Droopnath Ramphul State College,Mauritius –

– Smpt Mandiri Al Fajri, Indonesia –

– School Of Development For Nomads, India –

– The Heritage School, India –