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October blog WINNER!

You have THREE more days to write your blog entry for OCTOBER and win an extra prize for your school! If you do not write a blog for October then you will unfortunately not be eligible to receive the $10,000 money prize for first place…

…so let’s get BLOGGING!

What to write and include in your blog:

– Your name, your school enterprise, you country

– Activities, good month, bad month? Why?

– Your dreams and ambitions for your enterprise? Are you all going to be millionaires?!

Good luck and we look forward to reading your blogs!

The SEC team… ūüôā

Blogs & School Enterprise Challenge Videos

Another week of the School Enterprise Challenge has passed and we are fast approaching November!  This means that if you have not already written your blog entry for October then now is the time to do it!

Remember to always include the name of your school, enterprise and location in your blog, if now then we don’t know who you are! ¬†You should have by now successfully launched your enterprise so we would like to here comments from the students involved, what work you do, how business is going and your future plans…photos are a great way of communicating to the world too, so try and include them too…

Video your School Enterprise set us as part of the competition and tell us about it in a three minute video to help inspire students here in the UK to do the same…once you have created a video please send it to

Happy blogging and happy videoing!



Photo Competition and Blogs


This blog is where you will find out who has won our Photo Competition. Firstly, may I just say a big thank you to all of you who sent us a photo from your school and your school enterprise.  There were some incredible entries in the photo competition as
The winner: with over 500 ‘likes’ we are proud to announce the winner of the September Photo Competition as part of the School Enterprise Challenge JR SCHOOL, Mauritius – Congratulations! You will contacted shortly about your prize and certificate!¬†part of the School Enterprise Challenge and it is fantastic, if not inspiring too, to see such commitment to the competition and the involvement of the students in the business.

Runners up include:



– SMPT SCHOOL, Indonesia

Now it is onto the theme of blogs! ¬†We cannot stress enough the importance of your blog for the competition. Without a blog, schools around the world are unaware of your school enterprise and what business you have launched, or are preparing to launch. ¬†Your blog is also another way to communicate to other participants or potential partner schools around the world or here in the UK. ¬†Furthermore, a monthly blog is a requirement of the competition and WITHOUT one you cannot win the competition. ¬†If you have not written a blog for September then please write two for October and title one ‘September blog’.

Happy blogging!

The School Enterprise Challenge Team