Narrative Report and November Blogs!

We are now in November and getting nearer to the closing date (December 2nd) of the School Enterprise Challenge and the chance for one school to win $10,000! The final steps of the competition are the Narrative Report and Profit/Loss Statement, as well as remembering to get in your November blog!

Narrative Report

The information on how to write this is in Step 5 of the handbook pages 81-94 with the templates essentially tell us what you did and how you did it!

It should include:

-Summary of your activity


-Problems and Solutions


-People, profit, planet

-Sustainability and Development

Profit and Loss Statement

You will need to tell us your Income, Expenditure and Net Profits, which should be covered in you weekly cash flow statements and will essentially tell us how much income you have generated!

You will be receiving weekly tips until the end of the competition via email and facebook!


About schoolenterprisechallenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an entrepreneurship competition for schools across the world! The challenge is to create profitable, sustainable businesses as a fun way to give kids hands-on business experience, develop their teamwork and leadership skills & generate income at the same time.
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