Final Report due on FRIDAY!

Hello everyone!

There is not long now until the end of the competition! Keep working hard on your enterprises and remember that you will need to BLOG for November or else you cannot win the competition.

We have had more great Blogs this week and a special mention to The Chrysalis school in Uganda, the Googho project in Burkina Faso and the Jhurry Rya school in Mauritius. Well done to anyone who has already blogged too!

Please keep the details about your enterprises coming in if you haven’t yet blogged for November.

Final Report!

The deadline for the final reports is on the 2nd of December!  This report is a way to evaluate your own progress and also for us to see just how well your enterprise has done!

For templates and details on how to do this, see your School Enterprise Challenge handbooks. A summary of the content of your report is as follows:

The Narrative Report needs to include a summary of your activities so how you carried out your projects.

-Include your Achievements, Problems you may have had and Solutions.

-How did your enterprise Benefit your school and the community around you; always remember People, Profit, Planet!

-How have you made your business Sustainable and how are you planning to Develop your business for the future?

You will also need to submit a Profit and Loss statement. Include you Income, Expenditure and Net profits in this section so we can see just how well you have done!

Further tips will be sent to you by email so check your inbox and facebook:

All the best for the rest of the competition!

From the SEC team.


About schoolenterprisechallenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an entrepreneurship competition for schools across the world! The challenge is to create profitable, sustainable businesses as a fun way to give kids hands-on business experience, develop their teamwork and leadership skills & generate income at the same time.
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