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November Blog Winner!!!

November Blog Competition Winner!

November held some really exciting and informative blogs about the School Enterprise Challenge projects that are happening all over the world! We would like to specially mention the following groups and schools:

Bal Bharati School Enterprise Challenge Unit of the Bal Bharati School  Pitampura in India,

The Young Social Entrepreneurs of The Chrysalis School in Uganda,

Reusing and Producing of Scoala cu clasele I-VIII Mihail Sadoveanu Intorsura Buzaului in Romania,

The Little Land Love of Chakham Khanathon School in Thailand.

A very well done to those SEC projects!

The winner of the November Blog Competition is THS Mushroom of The Heritage School in India who have consistently put in informative and interesting blogs about their project! You can find THS Mushroom’s blog and the other blogs at


Narrative Reports!

This week has been really exciting here in the TAMTF office because we have received the Narrative Reports from many of the projects around the world and have had such a great time reading about your incredible projects!!! It seems that the School Enterprise Challenge has really helped many students to expand their business knowledge and practically apply the skills they have learnt.

We hope that you have enjoyed the opportunity to evaluate your projects as much as we have enjoyed reading about them! The winner of the School Enterprise Challenge will be announced early in 2012 so keep your fingers crossed!

Once again, well done for the brilliant Final Reports and congratulations to the winner of the November Blog Competition!

SEC 2012!

Since everyone enjoyed the School Enterprise Challenge so much, we thought that it would be a great to put the competition on again next year! The next competition should be launched in late January/early February 2012 so watch this space!!!

The SEC Team.

Final Reports due Today!!!

The deadline is now upon us and it is time for you to show us all of your hard work! Please send us your Final reports (The Narrative Report and The Profit & Loss statement) TODAY as we are really excited to see just how well you have done!

Remember that this is also a chance for you to evaluate where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your enterprise and how it can be improved for the future. How much of an impact have you had in the community? How sustainable is your business for the future? In what ways have you been environmentally friendly? (People, Profit, Planet!)

Instructions on how to create a Final Report can be found in your School Enterprise Challenge Guide or in School Enterprise Challenge previous blogs:

We hope that you have enjoyed taking part in this competition and that you have learnt a lot about what it takes to start and run a business, how you can benefit your community and why being part of the School Enterprise Challenge can be so much fun!

We have really enjoyed the blogs, photos and videos you have sent in and learnt a lot about the various schools and countries involved, so thank you! You need to have blogged at least 6 times to win the competition so if you have not done that then please blog for December!

Everyone has put in a really fantastic effort but you need to show us this by sending in your Final Reports TODAY! Congratulations and well done to everyone who has taken part!

The SEC team.