Weekly Theme 12 – How to Get Started!

We know that many of you are keen to get started with the Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge, so this week we are going to tell you what to do next, and how to get started!

Competition Guides

The best way to get started is to access the guides available to you in the resources section on our website. These will take you through every stage of the competition, telling you what to do, and helping you do it. To access them, log in using the user name and password that you chose when registering. Once logged in you will see some links on the left of the screen, click the one called ‘Resources’. On this resources page you will find all the guides and educational materials.

There are two guides available depending on whether you are starting a new business or developing an existing one.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 12.45.57

Streamlined Guide 

If you are entering for the very first time, or you have entered before but are starting a brand new enterprise, you will be following the Streamlined Guide. This guide explains everything that you need to know to develop a successful enterprise. It will help you form a business idea, help you to incorporate the challenge into your lessons, get started on social media, write a business plan, launch a business and write a final report. You can access this guide here.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 16.50.12

Business Development Guide

If you have an existing business that you wish to develop during this year’s competition, then please use the Business Development Guide. This guide has been designed to help you write a business development plan. This is similar to the business plan, however it will help you plan how to develop your business, how to increase your profits and how to build your team. This guide is currently being finalised, and will be available online here in the next few weeks.

Competition Timeline

Now that you have registered you can get involved immediately. Whether you are starting a new enterprise or developing an existing enterprise you will all be working to the following timeline:

  1. Stage one – Writing a business plan. There is a detailed guide and examples to help you with this on our website. The business plan must be submitted by the 30th August 2013. 
  2. Stage two – Launching your enterprise. After you have launched your enterprise and run it for a few months you need to write a final report to tell us about it. Again, we have provided a detailed guide to help you through this process. This report must be submitted by the 3rd December 2013.
  3. We will announce all of the prize winners around March 2014.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online, access the guides, form your team, and your business idea and start writing your business plan!


About School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is a global awards programme for schools to establish innovative school-based businesses. Our easy-to-use resources help students and teachers to plan, set up and run their very own business at their school. As well as generating extra income for the school, students get to enjoy a real, hands-on entrepreneurial experience and develop essential life skills on the way. All schools (primary, secondary and vocational) from all countries are welcome to take part for FREE! To find out more and register for the School Enterprise Challenge 2017, visit the website: www.schoolenterprisechallenge.org
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