Weekly Theme 21: Giving and Receiving Feedback

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The School Enterprise Challenge team will soon be looking through your business and financial plans and giving you feedback on them. This has got us thinking about the different ways that you can deliver and receive feedback, so this week our post will focus on the various ways you can do this!

Feedback is a great way to find out if something has gone well, and if it hasn’t, to find out how to improve for next time! It can sometimes be hard to give feedback without being too critical, or receive feedback without getting defensive, so here are some things to think about.

When giving feedback:

• The sooner you give feedback, the more helpful it will be

• Be fair and reasonable – make sure you are being descriptive and not judging

• Be supportive – suggest ways of improvement

• Encourage the participant(s) to express their views – what do they think of the feedback you are giving them? Do they understand what you are telling them?

• Support your judgements with evidence – make sure you are basing your feedback on things that actually happened, specific examples are always helpful!

When receiving feedback:

ears - i'm listening

• Attend to the speaker and make sure you listen to the message

• Try not to react by becoming defensive

• Let the other person know that you understand the message and are willing to work towards an improvement or solution

• Accept praise graciously – don’t deny it

Bristol University has a great resource that will help you and your students think in more detail about giving and receiving feedback. Find it here

we-heart feedback

Maybe you can think back to the last time that you had to give or receive feedback. Did it go well? Reading the advice we have given you, could you have done it any differently?

We are really looking forward to reading your plans and coming up with our own feedback, but for now we leave you with this to think about:

‘Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots’ Frank A. Clark – American activist


About schoolenterprisechallenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an entrepreneurship competition for schools across the world! The challenge is to create profitable, sustainable businesses as a fun way to give kids hands-on business experience, develop their teamwork and leadership skills & generate income at the same time.
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