Weekly theme 23: How to Throw a Launch Party for Your Business!

Weekly theme 23: How to Throw a Launch Party for Your Business!

So you’ve started your business and now you’re ready to sell your product or service, but how can you get your customers attention? This week’s blog post talks about how to hold a great launch party and get your business noticed!

A launch party is a fun event where you reveal your business, product, and services for the first time. It is an exciting chance for your customers to learn about your company, meet your team, try your products and hopefully start buying from you!

You need to think about what kind of an event you will hold. Maybe you would like it to be linked to your school business. For example, if your school business organised birthday parties for children you could demonstrate your services by throwing a big party.

If you are selling food products you could make delicious samples for people to try and show them how to use your products in their cooking. You could also have a cooking lesson and teach people how to make the food themselves!

If you are finding it difficult to think of a themed event, you can throw a simple event, but make sure you think about the following things:-

  • Do something interesting. You need a fun reason for people to attend. You could organise fun games, activities, quizzes, or a raffle.
  • Let people try your product or service. This could be by giving them samples to trial, or you could offer the product/service to someone who wins a competition that you run.
  • Have your product/service ready to sell. Think of the event as the first time you will start selling.

Once you have decided what you will do, you need to prepare for the event.

  • Where will you hold it? Perhaps you have a school hall that you use for free.
  • When? Choose a date and time that your customers can attend easily. For example, it might be a bad idea to hold it when they are at work or school.
  • Make sure people know you are holding the event. You could do this by designing posters and putting them up. For tips on creating a good poster, see our previous blog post by clicking here.
  • You could also print small leaflets with the details on and distribute them to parents of the students.
  • Decide how you will obtain your resources. Will you need tables and chairs? Maybe you will need food and drink? Would you like to play music?
  • How much will everything cost? Can you borrow anything to save money? If you can’t, remember to try and make deals with your sellers. For tips on this, see our blog about start-up capital by clicking here. You could even invite them to the event!

Now you should be ready to hold your launch event! This is a time for you to have fun after working so hard to start your school business! Can you think of anything else that is important when hosting a launch event? Please let us know by commenting below!

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