Weekly Theme 29: Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Take-A-Step-Banner.004442It is Global Entrepreneurship Week and entrepreneurs from around the globe have been sharing their advice on how they are taking a step forward with their businesses. We have been inspired by all their amazing stories and so the topic for this week’s blog is TAKING A STEP FORWARD.

We are having a look at some of the different ways people are driving their businesses forward. We hope that they will inspire you too!

  1. daVThe students at DAV School, Pushpanjali in India are taking the next step in their business by selling their products at a school stall. They have invited teachers and parents to visit and their diverse range of products have even captured the attention of the local newspaper and a representative from the Ministry of Environment! Promoting your school enterprise is a great way of increasing your profits and making your business a real success!                                                                                                                                                            You can read their brilliant blog to find out more! 


2. Students at the Escuela Concertada Solaris in Peru are ‘taking a step forward’ by peruvisiting local companies and learning more about how people run their businesses. By educating themselves about different industries these clever students are building on their entrepreneurial skills!

You can read more about their school enterprise on their great blog!

 3. Vince Cable, a UK politician, and some British students sharing how they are moving forwards as entrepreneurs. They are all ‘taking a step forward’ by participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week! Sharing knowledge and skills with other entrepreneurs is a brilliant way of making international connections and helping your business grow.



4.  The ‘Roots Green Movement’ in Uganda recently took a big step forward for their business by building the bio dome needed for their school enterprise. Setting up the infrastructure is an important step forward for any young business.

Have a look at their blog to find out more about their business!


5. The School EnDSCN6090eterprise Challenge Team is taking a step forward by helping more young people across the world plan and run school businesses. This year we are very excited to have received a record breaking number of business plans from all around the globe!

Get involved too! What are you doing? We know that many of you are very busy running your school enterprises and we would love to hear about what you are doing as you take the next steps forward with your businesses!

Why not download this hold-up poster and let us know. Simply write down what you are doing to ‘take a step forward’ and then take a photograph of you holding it up. We would really like to share them on our social media sites too!


School Enterprise Challenge Blogger,



About School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is a global awards programme for schools to establish innovative school-based businesses. Our easy-to-use resources help students and teachers to plan, set up and run their very own business at their school. As well as generating extra income for the school, students get to enjoy a real, hands-on entrepreneurial experience and develop essential life skills on the way. All schools (primary, secondary and vocational) from all countries are welcome to take part for FREE! To find out more and register for the School Enterprise Challenge 2017, visit the website: www.schoolenterprisechallenge.org
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