Achievements of the School Enterprise Challenge 2014!

With almost all the winners announced, we wanted to take a minute to congratulate everybody who took part in the SCHOOL ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE 2014 and celebrate the achievements of last year!

Headline achievements

  • 1,283 schools from 93 countries took part in the challenge!
  • 30,266 young people and 1,640 teachers and staff got involved in planning and setting up a school business!
  • The schools collectively generated an impressive total income of US$ 281,082 and a net profit of US$ 136,482!

And there’s more! Last year’s highlights include:

  • Thanks to all of you, the School Enterprise Challenge was nominated as an Award Finalist in the  ‘World Innovation Summit on Education’ (WISE). The WISE Awards recognise projects that implement innovative practices that transform education and society. If you want to know more about it and about our nomination take a look at
  • With your help we made the first entrepreneurship training videos, to supporting teachers and students in generating a business idea, conducting market research and financial planning!
  • Last year 11 new countries signed up for the first time! We saw the first entries from Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Central African Republic, Ecuador, Lesotho, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Poland, Togo and Ukraine!
  • We had over 200 entries for our mini competitions! You guys created logos, pitched your businesses, wrote interesting blogs, and celebrated Global Money Week!
  • You have been extremely creative and developed a huge variety of businesses! From fly fishing in Belize, to an inter-schools newspaper in India and a car wash in South Africa!

To give you a flavour of how much you and your school can get out of participation in the School Enterprise Challenge we would like to present to you one of our TOP GLOBAL WINNERS

Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India

Udaan Planet Trash pet bottles transformed into candle holders

Kulachi Hansraj Model School entered the School Enterprise Challenge for the first time in 2014 and run 4 different businesses under the name of Udaan Creating Identity! Their adventure started with only 20 students which enthusiasm spread out soon – now more than 100 students, and 11 teachers are involved in the running of the enterprise, together with 3 other partner schools.



Udaan creating identity is made up of:

  • Udaan Food, a catering service;
  • Udaan Handicrafts, a bazaar which supplies utility products such as customised cups and hair accessories;
  • Udaan Planet, which contributes to environmental sustainability by recycling the school’s waste materials and transforming them into useful objects to sell and;
  • Udaan Fun Zone 4 Kids to offer games and creative activities for kids.

All together the business generated a total income of 3,682 dollars, which was used, among other things, to pay for scholarships and uniforms for students in need of financial assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Register at to be part of this global network of enterprising schools!




About School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is a global awards programme for schools to establish innovative school-based businesses. Our easy-to-use resources help students and teachers to plan, set up and run their very own business at their school. As well as generating extra income for the school, students get to enjoy a real, hands-on entrepreneurial experience and develop essential life skills on the way. All schools (primary, secondary and vocational) from all countries are welcome to take part for FREE! To find out more and register for the School Enterprise Challenge 2017, visit the website:
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