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Wondering what next? Try setting up a school partnership!

Hopefully by now your business is in full swing and you have submitted your final report – congratulations! So what now? Well, your School Enterprise Challenge journey does not end here! We hope that all your businesses are as sustainable as possible, and that you will continue developing them for as long as you can. Now is the perfect time to start up a school partnership with one of your fellow members of the School Enterprise Challenge community in order to help you do this!

A school partnership is a link formed between two schools, through which you can share ideas and experiences.  The idea is that both schools benefit from talking to each other about their businesses, their challenges and their new ideas for improvements. And beyond the business, school partnerships are also a way for students get to know more about different countries and cultures!

three children at table

You can communicate via email, letter, social media, Skype – however you like!

Are you finding that your team would benefit from some new motivation after the initial excitement of your business success? Or are you still having a few teething problems that could benefit from a new perspective? By talking things through with another school that is going through similar things, you may be able to tackle problems together. You will also definitely be re-energised with excitement and new ideas after speaking to other students and hearing what they are doing with their business! Even if your enterprise seems to be going swimmingly, a partnership can still be great fun. You can celebrate your successes with another school, or share tips to help them!

School partnerships4

You can send each other photos, videos and drawings of your school, local area, food or music, to give a feel for your daily life!

A great way to communicate with other schools is by setting up pen pals. This is an enriching experience for everyone involved, as it helps you gain self-awareness, cultural understanding, and new friends! This can even be combined into your usual classes! Perhaps in Geography you could spend a lesson looking at the country in which your partner school is based, or how about drawing or painting something to send to your pen pal in Art? The options of how you want your partnership to work are endless, and the benefits are too!

School partnerships2 (1)

Having a pen pal gives you an understanding of cultures all across the world.

To read more about school partnerships and how to set one up, please download our School Partnerships Guide from the ‘Extra Resources’ section of our website. We really hope that you get chatting with each other and share as much experience and knowledge as possible! Start your partnership now!