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Blogging Mini Competition: What Makes a Good Blog?

The School Enterprise Challenge blogging mini competition is in full swing now! We’ve already received some wonderful blogs and can’t wait to get some more! To encourage you to start or update your own blog, we are sharing some top tips about blogging!

top tipsWe understand that the thought of blogging can be sometimes daunting, but we hope this post will show you just how fun and easy it really is! Once you’ve set up your blog, you’ll want to make sure it stays relevant and interesting. Here are some Top Tips to do it:

  • It is important to blog regularly, at least once every two weeks. This keeps your audience and readers engaged and helps build a friendly online relationship with other bloggers!
  • Spend some time making your blog attractive, for example by adding nice photos. Remember, your blog is an opportunity for you to advertise your business and gain new fans and customers!
  • 20140218-IMG_4135Content. Your entries should tell about the progress of your school enterprise. In the early stages, you will probably want to focus on how you have come up with your idea, and as your enterprise progresses you will focus more on sales, production and any events that you might have held. Your blog is an opportunity for you to share your journey with others!
  • Keep your posts short, sweet and informative, not everyone will be keen to read a long post! You should aim to keep your posts between 400-500 words
  • Engage with other users! Leaving comments, liking and sharing posts or following blogs, helps to increase your blog’s activity. Leaving comments on the posts of other School Enterprise Challenge blogs is a great way to share ideas and potentially receive friendly advice on how to help your business grow!
  • Limages (1)et people know about your posts. Make sure to share your blog posts on all your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!
  • Never forget that this is for fun! The best blogs tend to be those that are written naturally, so always remember to have fun when you write!

We hope these tips are useful and aid you on your way to creating a successful and entertaining blog. Here is an example of a blog that caught our eye!

CAKEStudents at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India have done a great job of keeping their audience and the community regularly informed of their developments, doing so with a great blend of images and text! They have shared their journey from the start, while cleverly advertising their product. Click here to take a look at their fantastic blog!

Do not forget to share your blog’s address with us by emailing and you could be our next blogging mini competition winner! Happy blogging from everyone at the School Enterprise Challenge team, we hope to see your blogs up and running soon!

happy blogging