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SUSTAINABILITY: School businesses that keep on growing

William Lyonga bio for blog

Now that the Final Report deadline for the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 has passed, we look at how schools can keep their businesses going into the new year. We spoke with William Lyonga of Bishop Rogan College in Cameroon, winner of our Inspirational Teacher Award in 2014 and current member of our Teacher Advisory Panel.

What steps have you taken to ensure that the school business continues to operate beyond the Final Report deadline?

The business team has planned to continue business activities as normal.  In our situation of a Gardening Business, here in Cameroon, we have two farming seasons, one at the start of the academic year and the other at the fourth quarter of the academic year.  The second period is still to come and members have agreed to plant more crops during the second farming season.  Farm products are needed all throughout the year.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Inspiration From a School Enterprise Challenge Graduate


Mbulelo Mandindi (19 years old) graduated from Hillcrest High School in South Africa in 2014. A School Enterprise Challenge participant during his time there he acted as a team leader in their business, King Circle Events. With the programme having had a huge impact on him, he remained involved in its running through 2015, further highlighting his huge level of commitment. He is now in the process of setting up his very own social enterprise alongside his studies in Transport Management at Johannesburg University.

Tell us a little bit about your business

“My company is called Future Bryt. It’s a socially innovative company that focuses on children’s fitness. We aim to provide a solution for an increasingly alarming social problem – a dangerously low level of activity amongst children born between 2004 and 2008, who are considered to be the most inactive generation of children in history.”

Did taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge help you set up your business?

“Yes, the School Enterprise Challenge definitely helped me set up my own business. In fact, it almost completely reshaped my perception of business. It introduced me to the prospect of businesses having a much greater role to play in society.”

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