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“Persistence is key”: 2017 prize winners share their experience

Oasis de Esperanza School in Nicaragua have been taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge since 2013. Over the years they’ve established a successful handicrafts and jewellery business and in 2017 they won the Americas Regional Prize at Annual Report Stage worth $2,000. In this interview they share with us how their business has evolved.

Oasis de Esepranza Nicaragua - selling in a supermarket

The students at Oasis de Esepranza School in Nicaragua have established a succesful handicrafts business. Here they are selling their products in a local mall.

What does it mean to you and your students to participate in the School Enterprise Challenge for 4 years and finally win an award?

It means that all the effort that we have done for these years has been worth it. We have been rewarded for those years of effort and persistence, always believing in ourselves and how much we could achieve.

How has your school business grown over the years? What have you and your students gained by participating year after year?

Our school business has grown in production, in quality, in organisation and above all in experience. By participating in the School Enterprise Challenge students have developed skills like teamwork and a good attitude towards projects for life. These skills are key for their education, for their future jobs and for their lives. In addition, the monetary gains have been used for doing repairs in the school and to invest in the school business with new equipment and supplies.

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