Student experience: The benefits of taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge

Taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge can be a life-changing experience for many. By being part of a school business, students get the chance to learn essential life skills in a non-traditional way: learning through doing. Here, two member of the Global Youth Advisory Panel, Nikita Soni (Choithram School) and Anusha Goel (Kulachi Hansraj Model School) reflect on their experience in the School Enterprise Challenge so far.

Which aspect of taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge have you enjoyed the most?

YAP - Nikita Soni (2)Nikita: “The Fundraising event turned out to be the most enjoyable part of the School Enterprise Challenge. The event brought us across the situation of an actual business. We could see and feel what customers look for: their outlook while shopping, their positive encouraging statements along with some negative replies. We faced the problems which we had read about in the books and learnt how to manage them in real life. We saw how in practice certain circumstances showed up unexpectedly and how team work and mutual support helped us get out of them. These events imbibed in us valuable experience and confidence.”

YAP - Anusha GoelAnusha: “School Enterprise Challenge has given us various opportunities to grow and evolve as better human personalities. I am working as the handicrafts manager in the enterprise and we have overcome many aspects like planning the business idea, making the financial plan and implementing the business idea with proper precautions. The aspect which I personally have enjoyed the most is implementing the business plan at the last as it made me realise the mistakes which we were not able to make out while planning. I also enjoyed distributing the work according to the potential of my team members. While implementing our ideas and plan of business we become trouble-shooters of unexpected challenges. It is a very important life skill which I think should be acquired by all. As the goal of education is to empower every young child for life on planet.”

Which aspect of taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge have you found the most challenging?

Nikita: “The most challenging aspect of the School Enterprise Challenge was deciding which products to be selected for production. Deciding the new products was a little crucial as it involved evaluating each and every sale of the preceding year. We had to decide which products got a great response, which just couldn’t sell and which new ones could be introduced. Our seniors helped us out to come out of this situation successfully.”

Anusha: “Finances play an important role right from beginning till the end of running the business. Raising the capital for business is a crucial thing. We could use the profits of previous years for starting our business. Keeping accurate financial records along with managing our studies is something I found challenging. Though we have a very structured business team in our school were in the financial managers handles all finances but being the handicrafts manager purchasing raw materials, keeping the record of sales used to be my job.”

What skills do you think you have developed through taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge?

Nikita: “Throughout the process, I feel no skill greater than ‘team work’ had paved us a smooth path. All the members considered each other’s’ opinions and differences and came out with a wise decision. Coordination at every point helped us a great deal. Our seniors cooperated with us in many situations to make things easier for us and our teachers were always there to guide us in thicker times, they ensured that we come up with a right ideas and solutions.”

Anusha: “Being a part of School Enterprise Challenge I have evolved as a better student by enhancing my communication skills, opportunity to give motivation to others to go creative, event managing skills, team work and entrepreneurial skills. I am evolved as a better individual humble enough to accept the way I am born.”

Want to know more about Anusha’s experience in the School Enterprise Challenge? Check out this fantastic article in which she and her teammates go through the ins and outs of being on the school business team!

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