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The School Enterprise Challenge team is delighted to introduce the Blogging Mini-Competition 2018! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know: from what it’s all about to how you can take part!

How to set up your online blog?

Getting started is easy! If you haven’t already, you’ll need to set up an online blog page. You can do this on a variety of platforms, including WordPress and Blogger. For more information check out our educational resource ‘How To Use Social Media Guide’.

Not sure what a blog looks like? Check out the fantastic school business blog by the ‘Udaan’ business team at Kulachi Hansraj Model School in India by clicking here.

Why is blogging a useful skill?

The aim of the School Enterprise Challenge is to bring 21st century skills to young people across the world. Through the Blogging Mini-Competition students will develop the following:

Skills we develop in the Blogging Mini-Competition (2)

Written communication skills. Throughout the planning and running of their school business students are required to work as a team, giving them the chance to develop their oral communication skills and ability to work as a team. Writing a blog adds a new dimension to this as it encourages them to think about how they communicate externally, in the written form.

Skills we develop in the Blogging Mini-Competition (3)Marketing skills. Businesses worldwide are harnessing the power of online marketing to spread the word about their products and services, and participants in the School Enterprise Challenge should be doing the same. When done well, it’s the most cost-effective way of reaching your customers. Make sure to promote your blog after writing it!

Skills we develop in the Blogging Mini-Competition (4)IT and social media skills. In today’s world, these are a must! We recommend that you let students upload their article into the blogging platform themselves and allow them to promote it on social media. [Instructions on how to set up an online blog can be found below]

Skills we develop in the Blogging Mini-Competition (5)

Ability to reflect and think critically. Writing about their business will give students the chance to reflect on their experiences so far, consider how their school business is doing, and think about how they can improve it in the future. This will come in very handy when it comes to reporting back to us in their Annual Report!


More generally, having a blog and updating it regularly is a fantastic way to keep your stakeholders informed about how the business is progressing. It’s also a great platform to celebrate achievements and reward your team members for their contribution as the Nirmaan Enterprises team from St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School (Meera Bagh) have done in this fantastic post!

What makes a great blog article?

Here are our 3 top tips for writing a great blog article:

  • Get students involved. The aim of this activity is to give students the chance to reflect on their experience in the business and develop their written communication skills. Articles should be written by members of the business team!
  • Keep your articles short, sweet and informative. For the purpose of this mini-competition, we recommend a length of 150 to 300 words. Anything more than that is too long!
  • Be visual. The best blog articles always include photos and videos as these really bring the content to life. Make sure to include some action shots of your team doing their school business activities!

Once your students have written their article, they’ll need to let people know about it. Make sure to share it on all your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!

Are you looking for some inspiration? Check out these blogs by Met Rishikul Vidyalaya and St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School (Janakpuri) in India, they’re two of the School Enterprise Challenge team’s favourites!

How does the Blogging Mini-Competition 2018 work?

All participants in the School Enterprise Challenge are welcome to take part in the Blogging Mini-Competition which will be taking part throughout the month of September 2018. The final deadline to send us the link to your blog article is Sunday 30th September. Each school is invited to write one article on one of the questions below.



Business Idea

How did your business team come up with their Business Idea? Describe the process and why you chose the idea that you chose.

Business Plan

Which part of creating your Business Plan did you find most challenging? Explain why.

Start-up capital

How did your team raise the capital needed to start up your school business? Describe the process and the skills you developed

Personal attributes

What does it take to be a great entrepreneur?

Challenges in running the business

What has been the biggest challenge your business team has faced until now? How did you overcome it?

Team structure

Describe the team structure of your school business. How did you decide on this structure? How do you make sure students get to experience different areas of the school business?

The future

How do you think being part of a school business is preparing you for life after school?

Note: In the interest of fairness, we will accept only one article per school so please make sure to choose your question carefully! We encourage you to involve multiple students in the writing process.

To participate, simply send us the link to your students’ blog article to by Sunday 30th September.

All schools who submit a blog article by Sunday 30th September will receive a certificate to recognise their achievements. The best blog pieces will be showcased on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) as well as the October School Enterprise Challenge global newsletter.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get blogging! We can’t wait to hear about your experiences in the School Enterprise Challenge!


This mini-competition is brought to you by the School Enterprise Challenge Global team – Sally, Paola, India and Christophe. We always love hearing from students and teachers. If you have anything you’d like to share with us, whether it’s a fantastic achievement from your team or some feedback on one of our mini-competitions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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