Highlights of the Blogging Mini-Competition 2018

This year’s Blogging Mini-Competition was our most popular yet! Students from Egypt, Ghana, Afghanistan, India, Algeria, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, South Sudan, Rwanda and South Africa all shared their thoughts on a range of topics from how to come up with a great idea for a school business to investigating what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Check out our team’s top 10 highlights from the articles we received below. To view a blog, simply click on a school’s name!

The Pen International School, Ghana

The Pen International Ghana.jpgThe blog from The Pen International School, Ghana is an excellent recap of how to come up with a business idea for your team. We found the article truly exhilarating and revealing. The examples given about their beekeeping and necklace making businesses both stemmed from real-life struggles of people in the community and their products have successfully resolved them all! What a combination! In the end, their concise and punchy conclusion reminds us of a simple, but powerful fact that ‘to generate business ideas, just solve peoples’ problems’. Click here to read their blog.

Srdav Public School, India

Srdav public schoolWe truly could not ask for more from the blogging team of Srdav Public School, India. Their blog article is succinctly written and beautifully illustrated! A totally exemplary piece of work! Starting with the powerful statement that ‘leadership skills, team spirit and a focused mind transform a student into a young successful entrepreneur’, the post goes into a detailed explanation of the amazing work done by the school business team. As well as exciting content, the design of the page, the high quality of writing and the excellent photography skills are equally impressive. We highly recommend this blog page to all schools that are planning or running their own business! Click here to read their blog.

Gamal Farghaly Secondary School, Egypt

Gamal Farghaly Secondary SchoolThe students at Gamal Farghaly Secondary School in Egypt have taken a visual approach to introducing their school business. Through photos aplenty we discover how they create their wonderful ‘Arkets’, wooden decorations which they sell to households, offices and churches. They’ve even included links to videos where you can see students in action talking to shop owners! Click here to read their blog.

Modern Public School, India

Modern Public SchoolThis wonderful article by Modern Public School, India nicely reminds us of an old-but-gold truth: ‘Rome was not built in one day’. For those young, ambitious entrepreneurs who might currently be struggling to keep up with their business, this would be a great source of motivation and inspiration to keep going. Click here to read their blog.

Government Technical College, Nigeria

Government Technical CollegeStruggling to come up with an idea for your school business? Look no further than this blog piece by Government Technical College in Nigeria! The students run us through the whole process: From carrying out a resource assessment to brainstorming 5 possible business ideas and democratically choosing their favourite… A perfect example of how to do it! We’re so excited to follow their progress. Click here to read their blog.

St. Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, Meera Bagh, India

St. Mark's Sr Sec Public School, Meera BaghIt is truly inspiring to read what St. Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, India had to say about their initiative that aims to assist women and girls from unprivileged backgrounds. Through photos, it is an absolute pleasure to learn about different products the team has been producing ranging from bags and envelopes to chocolates! How sweet! The blog article does a great job of describing how the team business team was put together and clearly explains how they set up their seven different departments. We are sure others could learn so much from this school’s writing! Click here to read their blog.

Habib Girls’ School, Pakistan

Habib Girls' SchoolStarting with a rather realistic yet no less inspiring quote, ‘Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses and it doesn’t happen overnight’, the blogging team from Habib Girls’ School, Pakistan keeps the reader intrigued throughout their blog post. Alongside lovely pictures of a smiling and friendly team who were busy preparing pots of beautiful flowers to serve their customers, they share plenty of insightful thoughts on the central question: ‘what does it take to become a great entrepreneur?’ The answer offered by the blog article includes: keep up the entrepreneurial spirit, learning from the best, benchmarking the cream of the crop, inspiring those around you, and being all-rounders! Very interesting and thoughtful blog post with lovely visual illustrations! We love it! Click here to read their blog.

Johnson Grammar School Cbse, India

Johnson Grammar School CbseThis well-written and fantastically informative blog article by the school business team at Johnson Grammar School in India perfectly captures the benefits of taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge! Click here to read their blog.



College Christ Roi, Rwanda

College Christ RoiReading the blog by College Christ Roi from Rwanda will put a smile on your face. With a strong focus on visual illustration, the blog gives readers a vivid insight into a young and energetic team who are working enthusiastically on their envelope making business. Scrolling through the photos you’ll witness the wonderful team spirit which these students have created. The captions are short and sweet, painting a well-rounded picture of how the business operates. We wish them all the best with the growth of their enterprise! Click here to read their blog.

Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India

Kulachi Hansraj Model SchoolBlogging is a long-established practice at Kulachi Hansraj Model School in India who have been documenting their entrepreneurial journey since 2014. In that time, they have written over 300 articles! Their latest piece on team member rotation is an example to all schools on how to make sure students can develop the widest range of skills possible. Their down-to-earth writing style means reading this blog is a pleasure. Check it out! Click here to read their blog.

Are you part of a school business? Blogging is a great way to document your entrepreneurial journey! If you’d like to set up your own blog, you can do this for free on a variety of platforms, including WordPress and Blogger.

There you have it, our team’s top 10 highlights from the Blogging Mini-Competition 2018. We hope you enjoyed reading about all these wonderful school businesses. These students are all developing the skills to be the leaders of tomorrow by taking part in a school business. You can do it too by taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge. Register for FREE here.


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