Buddy Up! Introducing the Buddy Initiative 2019

Starting a new business from scratch and developing it over time is one of the greatest and most valuable experiences that your school can undertake. That’s why the School Enterprise Challenge is such a fantastic opportunity for every school and we encourage schools all around the world to take part.

But… did you know that you have the chance to join forces with another school and share your knowledge and build even more skills for teachers and students? Yes, it’s as good as it sounds! Introducing… the Buddy Initiative!

St. Mark's School 2.JPG

The Buddy Initiative is a fantastic opportunity for experienced schools (taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge on the Silver or Gold level) to share their business expertise with another local school (who has not taken part in the School Enterprise Challenge before) and become mentors! It is the chance to join together with a school with fewer resources, perhaps a government-run school or one from a less affluent area.

The School Enterprise Challenge is run through our website and we communicate with participating schools through email and WhatsApp. However, not all schools have access to the internet and therefore cannot access this life-changing programme. That’s why we need your help.  

And as if this opportunity for mutual development between schools wasn’t enough, we also have a “Buddy Schools of the Year” prize: a $1,000 prize divided equally between both schools ($500 each) for the strongest Buddy School relationship!

Anyway, don’t just take our word for it; let’s have a look at a real Buddy Initiative experience from 2018.

Kamla Nehru Public School in India has been taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge since 2012 (that’s 6 years running their own business!). They have gained an incredible amount of experience in that time and felt ready to take on a new challenge. They decided to take part in the Buddy Initiative in 2018 and became valuable mentors to a buddy school in their local area: Government Middle School. This school has fewer resources but is full of enthusiastic children wanting to become entrepreneurs.

photo for blog 1

Kamla Nehru Public School meeting students from their Buddy School Government Middle School

Asked about their experience in the Buddy Initiative, the lead teacher from Kamla Nehru Public School answered:

As a result of mentoring Buddy School our students have developed 21st Century learning design skill (…) It gives me immense pleasure to watch my students grow in the field of entrepreneurship, holding hands of their buddies. They are enjoying the role of mentorship.”

The whole team is aware of how beneficial it was for them to take part in the Buddy Initiative, because it also helped them with their own business: “After participating in the Buddy Initiative, our leadership skills are improving. We are able to understand the need and requirement from various perspectives. We value the resources we are blessed with. We have learnt to be resourceful and more organised (…) Definitely, we would recommend other schools to participate in the initiative. It’s a wonderful platform for learning entrepreneurial skills.”

photo for blog 2

Students at Government Middle School at their School Business’ first sales event

Sounds great, right? We have some good news: the Buddy Initiative will be open for new registrations in February 2019! So… get ready for this new and exciting challenge!

Give your students the opportunity to further develop their mentoring skills whilst also helping another school.

If you are an experienced school interested in participating, please express your interest by emailing info@schoolenterprisechallenge.org and start thinking about schools in your local area who would benefit from the Buddy Initiative 2019.

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