“Who says women can’t do business?”

Meet the girls who presented their prize-winning business on national TV!

Eveline Girls High School (2)

The team of 31 girls at Eveline Girls High School in Zimbabwe have successfully set up their very own business, a digital magazine called ‘Teen Clique Zone’.

Young people from across their region submit content which they write themselves and the business team puts it together into a nicely formatted magazine which they share across social media: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The magazine is shared for free and revenue for their business is generated from advertising. The students have shown maturity beyond their years when reaching out to local businesses and selling space in the magazine.

Our judges were so impressed by their business model that they awarded them the Best Digital Business of the Year Prize in the School Enterprise Challenge 2018. We spoke to one of their members, Natasha, about her experience in the school business.

Natasha Musabayane (YAP 2019)“I have been involved in various school businesses for the last 4 years now. The latest is Teen Clique Zone for which I am the Public Relations Officer.

I ran for the post at our annual review meeting and my peers chose me because of my confidence in expressing myself, socialising and explaining things clearly.”

Natasha has flourished thanks to this practical approach to learning. Although being part of a school business isn’t without its challenges (it has to be balanced with academics!), it can have an enormous positive impact on young learners.

“My favourite area to work on is marketing, convincing other businesses that we have a good product and that they should buy advertising space. I have developed better communication skills, collaboration, team work, and business skills.

Being a female entrepreneur makes me feel very good because I am always trying to prove a point. Who says women can’t do business? And who says my parents always have to assist me financially? There is nothing as fun as buying my friends and myself lunch using the money from my own efforts!”

SDG 5 - Gender equalityDid you know the School Enterprise Challenge is aimed at both girls and boys equally? Although this example is from an all-girls school, we ask all schools taking part in the programme to make sure that girls and boys have the same access to taking part in the school business.

We also encourage schools to actively promote girls into positions of leadership within the school business. This way, everyone taking part can fully enjoy the learning benefits!

The team were one of over 40 prize winners  from around the world to be recognised in the School Enterprise Challenge 2018 and Natasha was invited onto national television in Zimbabwe to tell the nation about their fantastic achievements with Teen Clique Zone.

Natasha on TV in Zimbabwe

National recognition: Click here to see Natasha present the school business live on TV!

As part of their prize, the business team will receive $500 and Natasha explains that they already have exciting plans for how to spend it:

“Winning the Digital Business of the Year Prize is beyond explainable excitement, we didn’t expect this at all but this has been a big step for our company in terms of publicity. Going on TV made me feel a bit nervous but in the end I became relaxed because I was like hey you are here to let whole country know about your business. The feeling was great, knowing that I was speaking live on national TV!

When we receive the money we will share $200 amongst us for our own use as a reward for our inputs. The remaining $300 will be re-invested in the expansion of the school business. We want to:

  • Buy a digital camera and studio lights
  • Open a YouTube channel and establish a website
  • Start a youth magazine (for 20+ years old)
  • Set up a teen’s talk show”

This team of girls have already achieved great things with their school business and received international recognition for their efforts. This year they’ll be taking on the challenge of taking part on the Gold Level of the School Enterprise Challenge where they will get to really focus on the sustainability of their school business as well as connecting with other enterprising schools around the world to share best practices.

GIF Juggling SEC Awards MacotYOU could enjoy the same experience as the girls at Eveline Girls High School too. To do so, simply register for the School Enterprise Challenge on our website. Once registered, you’ll have access to all of the educational materials you’ll need to set up a sustainable business at your school!

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