Highlights of the Blogging Mini-Competition 2019

This year numerous schools from different countries have participated in the Blogging Mini-Competition 2019 such as Mexico, Ghana, Peru, Pakistan, India, Venezuela, Nigeria, Argentina or Nepal. We have selected three articles for you to read and learn from other schools and in that way, encourage you to create a blog about your school business.


Government Technical College, Nigeria

Government Technical School ( Digital Prize) 1Struggling to overcome challenges? Look no further than this blog piece by Government Technical College in Nigeria! These young entrepreneurs faced problems with the financial part of their business plan as well as market research.  However, they were able to find solutions and successfully set up their mobile banking service! We’re very excited to follow their progress! If you want to do so too, click here.


M.l.khanna D.a.v. Public School, India

M.l.khanna D.a.v. Public School (BMC)What a great blog the students of M.l.khanna D.a.v. Public School in India have written! Starting with a powerful statement this team has created several articles with amazing explanations and graphics. The design of the page and the fact that they have added students quotes at the end of each article, is equally impressive. If you are interested in reading their blog, click here.


Habib Girls’ School, Pakistán

Habib Girls' School (AR prize)It is truly inspiring to read the blog of Habib Girls’ School in Pakistan! They explained in detail all the steps they went through to come  up with their school business idea, called “Belleza”. They did not just want to extend their organic beauty products but also have a positive impact on their community. These inspiring young girls have shared plenty of insightful thoughts alongside lovely photos! If you want to read their blog click here.


Here you have other links to blogs that we have also liked and that you may find interesting:

There you have it, the highlights from the Blogging Mini-Competition 2019. We hope you enjoyed reading about all these wonderful school businesses. These students are all developing the skills to be the leaders of tomorrow by taking part in a school business. You can do it too by taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge. Registration is currently closed but will open very soon – you can register your interest here

Are you part of a school business? Blogging is a great way to document your entrepreneurial journey! If you’d like to set up your own blog, you can do this for free on a variety of platforms, including WordPress and Blogger.



This article was written by Ane Miren, an intern supporting the School Enterprise Challenge team. She’s passionate about helping schools taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge to tell their story through blogging. Do you have a question you’d like to ask her about writing a blog? Send Ane Miren an email to info@schoolenterprisechallenge.org and she’ll try her best to support you!

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