Elevator Pitches by School Enterprise Challenge students!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be a challenge for teachers to keep their students engaged and involved in the school business. To help keep the learning going, even from home, the School Enterprise Challenge team is providing teachers with optional activities they can offer their students: the Elevator Pitch activity is the first activity that we shared with teachers, and further activities will be shared over the next few weeks. 

Click here to download Activity 1: the Elevator Pitch

To successfully give an elevator pitch, students had to present their school business in a convincing and clear way, as though they were talking to a potential investor during an elevator ride, so they only had 1 minute! The goal of this activity is to enable them to develop communication and critical thinking skills

We were impressed with the great pitches we received from students all over the world! Here is a selection of some amazing pitches. 

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.27.51

Dennis from the Kolanya Boys High School in Kenya pitched a great double action hand sanitiser: not only does this gel sanitise your hands, but it also moisturises them! It’s non toxic, food safe, and dries quickly. If we had been on the receiving end of that pitch, we would be funding this project right now! Check out his full pitch in video form here.

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.45.04


Charvi from the Choithram School in India is presenting her eco-friendly school business, Good Earth. She enthusiastically presents her sustainable and authentic handmade earthen lamps, making each of them unique and stand out from something you can buy in a department store! Have a look at her elevator pitch here, you won’t be able to resist getting one!


The boys from the Escuela Bautista Luz de Esperanza in Paraguay made an excellent skit to pitch their business: La casita del Maní (the peanut house). They offer a variety of products exclusively made from peanuts, such as sweets, creams, and peanut butter which are extremely nutritious and give energy. Check out their pitch here.

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.48.55

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.50.22


Anushka from the Mount Abu Public School in India is part of the Herbs N Cures business team. She’s pitching a multipurpose product: Nature’s Love. This paste made of aloe vera gel, basil and mint can be used as much for your hair and skin care, as for seasoning your salads! This herbal concoction sounds like a winner to us. Check out her full pitch here.


Students could submit their pitch through any media they wanted and had access to, no need for a camera phone! We received wonderful written and audio pitches, here are some highlights of what students had to say:

The students from the team “Empresa Eco-Organico Juan 23” from the Colegio Juan XXIII in Venezuela, presented their business designed to provide organic fertiliser to farms producing fruits and vegetables. We love how much these students are caring for our planet and the environment in their approach to business!

Unidad Educativa Privada Colegio Juan Xxiii (BMC)

Students presenting their business logo when their school was still open.

Ogundele from the Ijaiye Housing Estate Senior Grammar School in Nigeria pitched her innovative laundry service app! One of the entrepreneurs from CSK Laundry Services, she explains how her business makes laundry easy. Once the user has downloaded the app “We collect your clothes at your preferred location. We return your clothes neat and clean according to your date preference which you would have selected on the app.” What a great and practical way to run a business! 

Last but not least, Abiral from the Arjun English Boarding High School in Nepal is part of a school business team cultivating seasonal vegetables and other organic agricultural products. Their products “aim to preserve natural resources, support animal health and welfare, and avoid most synthetic materials. We want natural food that’s better for us and for the environment. Creating a place to provide customers with fresh, sustainable food is a start for us to take care of our earth, our mind and body.” We could not have put it in better words! 


Students from Arjun Boarding High School selling their products before school closures affected the country. 

We are truly amazed at how well these students pitched their products and we simply can’t pick our favourite! We hope you enjoyed this glance into the variety of businesses our students are running, and the enthusiasm they carry with them during this challenging time. 

Activity 2 is now available for all our young entrepreneurs! It will give students the opportunity to develop their business knowledge and to use their creativity, as it will focus on a key aspect of business marketing: the creation of a Brand Identity.

Click here to download Activity 2: Branding for your Business


Stay safe, keep healthy!


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