Participants share what a ‘Good Entrepreneur’ is to them

As lockdown is still ongoing in many countries around the world, the School Enterprise Challenge team released our third optional activity for students to engage with school businesses from home during the pandemic: A Good Entrepreneur.

Download Activity 3 – A good entrepreneur

Students are invited to write a brief review of a character from their favourite film or book, as a way to think about the entrepreneurial qualities which helped them to overcome obstacles. This activity gave students the chance to reflect on which attitudes and skills are needed to succeed in entrepreneurship and helped develop their communication skills and aspiration.

We loved reading students’ accounts of inspiring characters and were amazed at how passionately they talked about them! Check out a few of the submissions we received below.  

Jo March

Anjali from the Ahlcon Public School in India paints a passionate portrait of Jo March, her favorite character in the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. “The charm of Little Women was never really about the relationships at all; Jo’s fight to remain fearlessly herself in a man’s world and to achieve her dream of a writer’s life against all obstacles— that was the real love story”. Read more about why she chose this protagonist as a model here.


We received another incredible submission of a portrait of Jo March from a student attending the Meridian School in India, also describing her as a fierce and strong character: “Though this book is 150 years old, Jo was a vibrant, loud-mouthed, career-oriented woman, who faced her problems head-on and always came out on top”. You can read the full review here.  

Edward Snowden

Aman from Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh in India admires Edward Snowden’s dedication to his work and what he did in exposing the CIA’s mass surveillance through technology. To him, he is an example of bravery, as he knew revealing what the CIA was doing while working with them would put him and his family in danger, yet he did it for the greater good. To better understand his qualities as a risk-taking individual, read Aman’s full text on Edward Snowden here.

Kat Novak

Just like Anjali with Jo March, Rida from the JKG International School, Indirapuram Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh in India made us love Kat Novak, the feminist protagonist of the book Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen. Rida describes what an amazing, hardworking woman Kat is, and explains how this character demonstrates that being a good entrepreneur is all about developing skills such as leadership, curiosity, communication, and resilience. Read her passionately written text here.


Milkha Singh

Uday from the Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh in India wrote about Milkha Singh, an indian olympic athlete who pushed his limits and jumped every hurdle in life to achieve his goals in the competition. Uday is inspired by the athlete’s perseverance, confidence and enthusiasm and wishes to apply these qualities in his life as an entrepreneur. Read his full text here.

Mahavir Singh Phogat

We received a beautiful review of the movie Dangal directed by Nitesh Tiwari from a student at M.C.Kejriwal Vidyapeeth in India. It is a story of a father who dreams of seeing ‘his son’ win a gold medal for their country, but only has daughters. He realises that his daughters actually have great potential to be wrestlers themselves: fighting social stigma, he trains them and bypasses old-fashioned rules by signing them up to tournaments, cleverly disguising them as boys since they would not be able to compete otherwise. The student writes: “The movie sends across a powerful message to society. It makes a strong feminist statement. It also celebrates  the idea that if one puts one’s heart and soul into a work, one will emerge victorious”. This review truly makes us want to see this movie right away! Read the full review here.

John Nash 

From the movie A Beautiful Mind by Ed Harris, Asmi from the school business Sanjeevani Embracing Life at the M.L.Khanna D.A.V Public School in India tells us about the character played by Russell Crowe, John Nash; a mathematician, economist, and Nobel Prize winner who overcomes his schizophrenia and attains a true sense of accomplishment. 

3 (2)With a new day comes new strengths and new thoughts”. This is exactly what the movie is about and a principle Sanjeevani Embracing Life believes in. This has enlightened the business team on the ways to distinguish themselves, and to deliver great products, keeping customers happy and ensuring the success of the business. Read her full presentation here.

We are truly amazed by the quality of the submissions we received and the wide range of protagonists the students picked. We hope you enjoyed delving into their interests and inspirations.

Make sure to download our next activity, A Super SWOT Analysis which will support students to develop their business knowledge and problem solving skills by creating a SWOT analysis of their favourite superhero!

Download Activity 4 – Super SWOT

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