Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about the School Enterprise Challenge 2020


In this blog, we answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received from school teams, including what you can do while your school is closed and how the submission deadlines have changed.  

We hope you find these answers helpful and that they will give you some clarity as to what you can do during these uncertain times – and what you’ll be able to do once schools open again! We are aware that not all teams will be able to meet virtually and work on their business while their school is closed, so remember that some of the ideas we offer below are suggestions.

What you can do while your school is closed

We are new to the School Enterprise Challenge. How can we get started while our school is closed?

Start by logging in to your online account. Download the educational materials (Business Guides and three submission templates) and get familiar with them so that you will be ready to get started when your school reopens!

You could also watch Webinar 7: Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Mindset. In the webinar we explain two activities (Storytelling & Reflection and My Superhero Profile) which are a great way to introduce your students to entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset. If you are in touch with your students, you could share these activities for them to do at home. 

How can we keep our existing school business running while our school is closed?

If you can’t make sales in-person at the moment, and you can’t adapt to sell online, don’t worry! 

If you have a way of keeping in touch with your school business team, there are lots of other important activities you can do together remotely. For example, you can work on creating or updating your business’s social media pages to keep your customers up-to-date, or refreshing your marketing materials. 

Another great way for your team to use the current situation for some real-life learning is by updating your SWOT analysis and risk assessment to reflect the current situation: businesses everywhere are having to re-think and adapt, so why not use this moment as a learning tool?

How can we keep our students engaged with the School Enterprise Challenge while our school is closed?

This is a time to show solidarity! You can take advantage of your entrepreneurial skills to help your community. For example, team Yuvakriti at SD Public School (India) have been making masks and running online workshops to teach people how to make them. Check out their brilliant video here

You can also share our Optional Activities for your students to complete at home. 

Submission templates and deadlines

Our school is closed so we can’t work on our Business Idea / Business Plan / Annual Report. Can we submit it later in the year when our school reopens?

Yes! We have adapted the School Enterprise Challenge programme timeline to respond to the circumstances many participants are facing. This means a more flexible programme, where teams are encouraged to do what they can, when they can, whilst remaining safe. Our former submission deadlines no longer apply. So, there is no rush – simply submit your Business Idea / Business Plan / Annual Report once it is ready. There are no fixed deadlines. 

Because of coronavirus, our original Business Idea / Plan will no longer work. Can we change it?

Yes! Even during non-pandemic times, entrepreneurs need to be flexible and willing to change their business idea or plan if needed. In these extraordinary times businesses all around the world are having to adapt and you might need to also. This is all part of the learning experience!

Note: If you have already submitted your Business Idea or Plan and want to change it (because you think it will no longer work or you have found an idea you like better!), you don’t need to submit it to us again. You can go ahead with your business and reflect that your business has changed in the next template you complete and submit! 

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