The School Enterprise Challenge in ‘Childhood Education: Innovations’

The School Enterprise Challenge is featured in the current issue (July/August 2020) of Childhood Education: Innovations! This publication is aimed at anyone in the education community who wants to stay informed about the most recent ideas and innovations in childhood education, by sharing information and insights from schools around the world. 

We are so excited to have an article by one of our colleagues titled The School Enterprise Challenge: Learning by Doing, be part of this insightful publication. 

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Snippets from the piece

Here are some extracts from the article, which contains insights from our team, addressing the multiple ways in which the School Enterprise Challenge benefits young people. For instance, it addresses how our programme complements classroom learning, helps young people develop key life skills, expands students’ horizons, and trains teachers!

“The setting up and management of a business is a great way to foster life skills, as businesses are engines that create new challenges that need solving on a daily basis. It is the perfect excuse to develop new skills by working in teams, solving problems together, using creativity to come up with new ideas, and communicating these to other people.” – Nik Kafka, founder and CEO of Teach A Man To Fish 

“Schools that implement the model show that it reproduces itself. It will continue running and involve more students, who will then share knowledge with their community and families.” – Christine Moser, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Teach A Man To Fish

“Participating in a school business expands students’ interests—it empowers them to look at other horizons and different areas of work.” – Sharon Munyazikwiye, Rwanda Country Manager, Teach A Man To Fish

“We don’t know what the jobs are going to be like in the future. So, if we can provide students with real-world experience to develop their soft skills and their attitudes so that they are able to navigate challenging situations, then we are truly preparing them for the 21st century world.” – Susannah Morcowitz, South Africa Programme Manager, Teach A Man To Fish

To read the full article, CLICK HERE. Happy reading!

To find out more about the School Enterprise Challenge, visit our website.

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