Ideas for how to move forward with your school business in spite of COVID-19

The deadline for submission for School Enterprise Challenge participants is on 20th November 2020. School teams should submit their Business Idea, Business Plan, or Annual Report before then. By submitting, they will be eligible to receive their Award Level certificate, and will get the chance to get one of the prizes we are offering this year! 


In this post, we wanted to share a selection of schools that have found innovative ways to plan their business and/or to keep it running throughout this difficult year. Of course, these are just ideas of what teams could do – but you are in the best position to know what is manageable for your team in your specific context and given your resources. Please always keep your team’s safety as your top priority.

Using online tools: 

The students from the San Pablo School in Paraguay have really embraced digital tools since lockdown. They held their team meetings online, and used Microsoft Forms to carry out their market research. Through this, they discovered that there was a big demand in their community for cleaning products, as these are being used even more frequently during the pandemic. They came up with their business idea and their plan during one of their virtual meetings, where they decided to produce artisanal and natural cleaning products that would not be harmful to the environment. Well done to them!

Another great example of a business team finding ways to keep students engaged and motivated is the Speaking Pens initiative by the team at Mount Abu Public School in India. This project offers young students a platform to write and share their thoughts through storytelling. The business team provided online support by hosting creative writing sessions. They then edited and selected the best stories to publish in a book, which was put up for sale online! What a brilliant way to foster creativity and learning!

Students preparing products at home: 

The team from the José Asunción Flores school in Paraguay decided to adapt their business to the current situation by making homemade face masks. Realising that the community needed these as they became mandatory, students made masks at home with the support from their parents (and teachers, who would come check-in on them!) to sell them at an affordable price to those around them. A great example of meeting community needs!

A product delivery service!

In South Africa, The Birches Pre-Primary School has reopened with students only coming in fortnightly to pick up work packs. They make the most of this time to take orders from their families and neighbours and to prepare and pick up the products from their eco-friendly business ‘Sustainably Yours’ at school, which they then distribute.

We hope that these stories will inspire you to find solutions to the challenging circumstances your team may be facing this year! We look forward to seeing more great Business Ideas, Business Plans and Annual Reports in the next few days!

To submit your next template (whether that is your Business Idea, Business Plan, or Annual Report) log in to your account here. Once logged in, simply click ‘submit my templates’ to send it to us before the 20th November 2020.

Not enough time to meet the deadline? No worries! You can continue participating with your same school business in 2021. To see the 2021 deadlines, head to the following page: 


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