World Environment Day: Young people setting up environmentally conscious school businesses

Today we celebrate World Environment Day! 

Sustainability is at the core of the School Enterprise Challenge values, meaning we encourage all participating teams to carefully consider the impact of their business on the environment. 

Focusing on environmental sustainability allows everyone to make responsible decisions to reduce negative impact on our planet, and school businesses are no exception. That’s why we encourage every school to invest in the environment to replenish the resources they take from it, and to reflect on ways to be more sustainable such as accessing or using recycled materials and local resources.   

To celebrate this day the School Enterprise Challenge team wants to share some stories of amazing school teams that have used their creativity and talents to build sustainable and environmentally conscious school businesses!

Selling party decorations made from recycled paper 

Team at Public School ‘Profesora Aura Morraz Solingalpa’ from Nicaragua showing their party decorations

The incredible team at Public School ‘Profesora Aura Morraz Solingalpa’ from Nicaragua identified the artistic abilities of its young team members as its biggest strength. They also noticed that there was a growing problem at their school: waste paper and cardboard was piling up!

Keeping this in mind, the students decided to build an environmentally conscious business by using paper waste and recycling it into piñatas and party decorations. 

Making and selling sustainable arts and handicrafts is a great way to make money whilst also caring for the environment! 

Selling plants that improve air quality

ShemNursery team at their school preparing vermicompost for plant growth.

Another environmentally conscious team at Shemford Futuristic School in India created ‘ShemNursery’, a school business which grows and sells high oxygen-liberating indoor plants. They also decided to expand their business by preparing and selling vermicompost for the organic growth of plants. 

Lead Teacher, Preeti Sharma shared in the school’s annual report: ‘Getting their hands dirty with soil and working with Mother Earth has helped them to stay connected to their roots’.

Traditional beekeeping to protect the environment

A picture of the team at Zomba Catholic Secondary School at a meeting to prepare for their bee farming and honey harvesting business.

Finally, we want to share with you the story of the team at Zomba Catholic Secondary School from Malawi. This team of teenagers decided to create a business of traditional bee farming and honey harvesting on their school grounds. 

Beekeeping is an amazing activity to benefit the environment, as pollination helps to keep local and wild plants growing healthy, and the presence of bees is critical in many agricultural food growing processes. 

Their business planning and incomparable effort led this inspiring team to win Best Global Business Idea for the 2020 School Enterprise Challenge!

On this day we want to highlight the importance of teaching young people the value of caring for the planet. We believe that these school business teams are helping to grow awareness of environmental sustainability. 

If you want your school to join this global movement of change-makers you can register for the School Enterprise Challenge by clicking here:


For enquiries please email us at or send us a WhatsApp message to +44 7722 481 841. 

We look forward to having you with us in 2021!

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