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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about the School Enterprise Challenge 2020


In this blog, we answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received from school teams, including what you can do while your school is closed and how the submission deadlines have changed.  

We hope you find these answers helpful and that they will give you some clarity as to what you can do during these uncertain times – and what you’ll be able to do once schools open again! We are aware that not all teams will be able to meet virtually and work on their business while their school is closed, so remember that some of the ideas we offer below are suggestions.

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Our COVID-19 Response


The School Enterprise Challenge is still running in 2020 and registrations remain open for the foreseeable future.

However, because of the restrictions imposed on people around the world due to the pandemic (social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, etc.) we will be running a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge. As such, deadlines which had been set at the start of the year (and still appear on certain parts of our website and materials) no longer apply. Instead, we encourage teams to do what they can, when they can, whilst remaining safe and acting in accordance with local and international health regulations.

We would like to reassure all members of our community that we remain committed to supporting teachers around the world to deliver a relevant education to their students by providing high quality enterprise education resources and support.

Therefore, as well as continuing to run a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge (for those who are able to still go to school or meet remotely) as mentioned above, we will also be offering free professional development opportunities for all teachers from all countries (not just those who are already taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge).

We intend to develop a series of webinars (interactive online educational sessions) focusing on enterprise education and holistic teaching skills & methodologies.

We are still in the early stages of developing these webinars and want to make sure that we create something that is truly valuable for teachers. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask you to fill out this short survey:

It takes just 5 minutes and will help us understand the needs of teachers in these difficult times. If you know other teachers who would be interested in this opportunity, please pass the survey on to them.

Despite being faced with difficult circumstances, we are determined to continue working towards our mission. This means we will continue to support teams to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge as best as possible and we will also increase our offerings to teachers in order to make sure they are well supported during this period and are equipped with the skills to succeed once normality resumes and schools re-open.

Important note: We advise all our community members to follow WHO guidance in response to COVID-19 at all times.

Supporting teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic

SURVEY_Free professional development for teachers EN

Announcement made on 01/04/2020

With schools around the world closing due to COVID-19, many teachers are faced with the challenge of trying to support their students from a distance. Some teachers have even expressed concern that this time could have a negative impact on their career. 

webinarAt Teach A Man To Fish we believe that with every difficult situation also comes opportunity. That’s why we are offering FREE professional development webinars for all teachers

During the months of April and May we will be running 2 types of webinars. Please read the descriptions below to find out more.

Note: Webinars are interactive educational sessions which take place online so you will need access to the internet to take part. 


Type 1: Enterprise education webinars

The first type of webinar will cover key areas of enterprise education (such as: how to support students to come up with a business idea and how to teach finances to young people). These webinars will be particularly relevant for teachers who are already running the School Enterprise Challenge but will also be open to teachers who have never taken part. Everyone is welcome! 


Type 2: Holistic teaching skills and methodologies

The second type of webinar will cover a wider set of holistic teaching skills and methodologies (such as experiential teaching and how to support students to embrace failure and learn from mistakes) that will be relevant for all teachers. Again, everyone is welcome!

Of course, teachers can attend both types of webinars if they wish. There is no limit and it is completely free to attend.  

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