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Registration for the School Enterprise Challenge 2019 is now open!

It’s true; registration for this year’s School Enterprise Challenge is NOW OPEN. But hurry, the deadline to sign up is 31st March so don’t miss out!


2018 was another incredibly successful year for all the teachers and students taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge. Over 68,000 young entrepreneurs from 9,000 schools took part, planning and setting up all kinds of school businesses. From a tuck shop in Nigeria to a snack stall in Paraguay and a party planning service in India, students have shown outstanding creativity and determination to set up such inspiring school businesses.

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Registration for the School Enterprise Challenge 2017 is NOW OPEN!

We are absolutely delighted to inform you that registration for the School Enterprise Challenge is NOW OPEN!

In 2016, an incredible 49,491 young people and 3,384 teachers and staff directly benefited from participation in the challenge. A fantastic variety of school businesses were planned and set up, ranging from a banking cooperative in Peru to eco-friendly handicrafts in India.

Blog - Can YOUR school rise to the challenge

To register for the School Enterprise Challenge 2017, simply head to our website and hit REGISTER NOW!

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Putting Theory Into Practice: Launching Your School Business

Coming up with a Business Idea and creating a Business Plan is fun, challenging and educational all at the same time. However, the true value in the School Enterprise Challenge lies in setting up a real School Enterprise that is run by students and generates income for the school.

With our Sunday 30th October 2016 deadline for Final Reports approaching we have put together a list of our top 4 tips to help you put theory into practice and successfully launch your school business.

Play to your students’ strengths

How you manage your school business team will play a crucial role in launching your business. Assigning clear roles to all of your students, based on their strengths and interest, will empower them to really take ownership of the business and ensure it runs smoothly.

Students are known to be more focused and perform their duties better when they are clear about what these are. We recommend you think about what skills each team member already has as well as the skills they would like to develop and distribute roles accordingly. Once the business is successfully up and running you can rotate teams, giving students new responsibilities, as a way of increasing their learning experience while keeping things new and interesting for them.

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