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Supporting teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic

SURVEY_Free professional development for teachers EN

Announcement made on 01/04/2020

With schools around the world closing due to COVID-19, many teachers are faced with the challenge of trying to support their students from a distance. Some teachers have even expressed concern that this time could have a negative impact on their career. 

webinarAt Teach A Man To Fish we believe that with every difficult situation also comes opportunity. That’s why we are offering FREE professional development webinars for all teachers

During the months of April and May we will be running 2 types of webinars. Please read the descriptions below to find out more.

Note: Webinars are interactive educational sessions which take place online so you will need access to the internet to take part. 


Type 1: Enterprise education webinars

The first type of webinar will cover key areas of enterprise education (such as: how to support students to come up with a business idea and how to teach finances to young people). These webinars will be particularly relevant for teachers who are already running the School Enterprise Challenge but will also be open to teachers who have never taken part. Everyone is welcome! 


Type 2: Holistic teaching skills and methodologies

The second type of webinar will cover a wider set of holistic teaching skills and methodologies (such as experiential teaching and how to support students to embrace failure and learn from mistakes) that will be relevant for all teachers. Again, everyone is welcome!

Of course, teachers can attend both types of webinars if they wish. There is no limit and it is completely free to attend.  

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A different way of teaching

Establishing a school business with the School Enterprise Challenge can be hugely beneficial for the students involved. Particularly, it’s a great opportunity to develop essential skills for the 21st century such as communication, teamwork, leadership and problem solving.

However, it is easy to forget that participating teachers also benefit greatly! When Wendy Aguilar Reyes, a teacher from CONALEP Ing. Manuel Moreno Torres San Luis Potosi in Mexico, joined the School Enterprise Challenge little did she know that it would result in such a wonderful shared learning experience with her students.

Participating for the first time

This time around, Wendy has kindly shared a little about her experience supporting her students in their first year participating in the programme and establishing “Kualli”, a multi-product school business including the manufacturing and sales of: delicious confectionaries, printed T-shirts, personalised mugs and souvenirs for special events.

Multiple businesses montage

Busy students manufacturing multiple products for “Kualli” – confectionaries (left), T-shirt printing (centre) and personalised souvenirs (right)

Initially, Wendy’s expectations of the programme mainly focused in the students’ achievements and the impact that practical teaching could have in their commitment and decision making skills. Having a solely theoretical lesson is not the same as having to put this theory into practice and having to deliver quality products to actual clients. The students are confronted with the real world and the teaching leaps beyond their notebooks: the income is real and it flows through our operations, the clients are real and they have opinions, demands and complaints. This learning is substantial,” she highlighted.

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