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Adapting to school closures: Digital communication and collaboration

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic changed our day to day lives and challenged us in many different ways. 

It also showed us the power of innovation of both students and teachers who adapted to these extraordinary circumstances and ran successful school businesses.

We know that school disruptions and closures are still a reality in many countries but we want to assure you that you can still participate in the 2021 School Enterprise Challenge!

The School Enterprise Challenge can be adapted to any context, whether you will be teaching online or in-person. Whatever your situation, we will support you to keep your students engaged and empower them through practical learning!

To do so, we want to share a few examples and practical tips and tools for teams to consider while participating. 

Using online tools to collaborate remotely

Since last year, online tools have become a very important part of students’ learning processes. Many schools started using video calls, social media, digital interactive whiteboards and other productivity and collaboration tools to keep learners engaged.

Team from M.L.Khanna DAV Public School on a Zoom call

The team at M.L.Khanna DAV Public School from New Delhi in India made really good use of these innovative online tools. They used platforms such as MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom to continue running their school business ‘Sanjeevani- Embracing Life’.

This team showed their creativity by organising events for students, parents and teachers such as webinars and even fundraisers with live artistic performances! You can look at one of their videos which features parts of their Live Music Concert by clicking here.

Padlet board from team at Mount Abu Public School

Another example of great digital communication and collaboration comes from the school business team at Mount Abu Public School, also in India.

In the School Enterprise Challenge 2021, Vinita, a teacher from Mount Abu Public School in India has experimented with interactive whiteboards to coordinate her team. 

She found that Padlet has worked as a great tool for students to share their work: from brainstorming Business Ideas to presenting worksheets which all participants can access and learn from. This tool allows the team to organise activities and provides clear visual access to all the tasks!

Some free digital tools to try and explore with students!

Zoom: is a great tool to have group video calls with your team. It can also be used for other types of events such as webinars!

Mentimeter: through this tool you and your team can create fun and interactive presentations. It could be very useful for brainstorming sessions!

Jamboard: a digital interactive whiteboard where you can write and draw, include pictures and share it with team participants!

Google Workspace: allows you to collectively work on digital documents and spreadsheets! It also includes other features such as slides to prepare presentations, or the ability to create forms, which can come in handy when doing market research!

These are just a few Digital communication and collaboration tools the School Enterprise Challenge team wanted to share with school teams and anyone who would like to participate in 2021!

Don’t forget that School Enterprise Challenge registrations are still open! 


We will continue to provide educational materials, guidance, and training opportunities to help you build your students’ skills.

World Environment Day: Young people setting up environmentally conscious school businesses

Today we celebrate World Environment Day! 

Sustainability is at the core of the School Enterprise Challenge values, meaning we encourage all participating teams to carefully consider the impact of their business on the environment. 

Focusing on environmental sustainability allows everyone to make responsible decisions to reduce negative impact on our planet, and school businesses are no exception. That’s why we encourage every school to invest in the environment to replenish the resources they take from it, and to reflect on ways to be more sustainable such as accessing or using recycled materials and local resources.   

To celebrate this day the School Enterprise Challenge team wants to share some stories of amazing school teams that have used their creativity and talents to build sustainable and environmentally conscious school businesses!

Selling party decorations made from recycled paper 

Team at Public School ‘Profesora Aura Morraz Solingalpa’ from Nicaragua showing their party decorations

The incredible team at Public School ‘Profesora Aura Morraz Solingalpa’ from Nicaragua identified the artistic abilities of its young team members as its biggest strength. They also noticed that there was a growing problem at their school: waste paper and cardboard was piling up!

Keeping this in mind, the students decided to build an environmentally conscious business by using paper waste and recycling it into piñatas and party decorations. 

Making and selling sustainable arts and handicrafts is a great way to make money whilst also caring for the environment! 

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Registration for the School Enterprise Challenge 2021 is open!

We are delighted to announce that registration for this year’s School Enterprise Challenge is NOW OPEN.


2020 was a very challenging year for schools around the world for all the teachers and students taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge. In spite of the difficulties of the year, nearly 25,000 students in 32 countries developed key life skills through this educational programme.

We saw the power of innovation this year, as students planned and set up original businesses in the pandemic, such as a cinnamon rolls delivery service in Honduras, an online marketplace for sustainable handicrafts in India, and an African black soap business in Ghana. We’ve seen some incredible determination in the past year!

Participants from The Pen International School in Ghana showing their African black Soap.

Are you a teacher who wants to ensure that students in your classroom are better prepared for the real world? Are you not sure where to start, and need additional support to make your teaching more impactful? The School Enterprise Challenge 2021 is made for you!

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Power up your teaching with free professional development webinars

At Teach A Man To Fish we are committed to reinforcing quality, relevant education, and to teachers around the world facing challenging circumstances

That’s why we are proud to announce that over the coming weeks we will be offering a series of FREE professional development opportunities for teachers through a series of webinars (interactive online educational sessions via Zoom).

These new and improved webinars focus on enterprise education and holistic teaching skills and methodologies. Registration is free and open to any teacher in any country. Everyone is welcome to attend and no prior knowledge or experience is required. 

“I am really inspired to bring about a positive change in my teaching-learning environment in my classroom after attending this webinar. Thank you!”

– Teacher and previous webinar participant in India

We recommend these interactive webinars to any educator who wants to grow their knowledge and skills, connect and interact with educators from around the world and advance their career. 

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The School Enterprise Challenge 2020: Information about prizes and deadlines

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for everyone, and our team has been working hard to continue supporting schools, through our professional development webinars for teachers and our newest initiative for teenagers, the Enterprise Adventure.

We know that there are many school business teams who are still eager and able to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge, and who have been moving forward coming up with, planning and implementing their school business! As always, our team is so excited to see what great ideas students come up with and how they turn these into a reality. 

Deadline for the School Enterprise Challenge 2020

As the end of the year is approaching, we have decided to have a submission deadline once again, to help business teams effectively plan their time – and so we can review business teams’ submissions and decide who is eligible to receive their Award Level certificate or a prize this year!

The final submission deadline for 2020 will be on Friday 20th November. 

Changes to the School Enterprise Challenge 2020 prize list

The School Enterprise Challenge team has also faced difficulties this year – due to budget cuts, we had to reduce the amount of funding dedicated to prizes for this year. In spite of everything, we are happy to still be able to offer a variety of prizes to the most enterprising schools, teachers and students this year!

We have come up with a brand new prize list featuring more prizes for the Best Business Ideas and Business Plans. This is because we know that this year, many teams will not have been able to run their businesses. But we still want to reward the effort and dedication that teams have put in despite the challenging circumstances! And don’t forget that because of the disruption from COVID-19, fewer schools are taking part: this means that schools’ chances of winning a prize are higher, as they will have fewer competitors.


So, if it is safe for business teams to do so, we encourage them to submit their next template by 20th November 2020 and try to win one of our great prizes for their school! 

The Enterprise Adventure is here!

We are so excited to announce that the Enterprise Adventure app has launched! Young people all over the world can now take part in this exciting new initiative that will take them on an entrepreneurial journey in 10 missions.

The Enterprise Adventure helps young people identify the problems their community is facing and guides them to set up a social enterprise that solves those problems.
Taking part in the Enterprise Adventure is free and easy: all students have to do is go to the Enterprise Adventure app and sign up with their email or Google account. Once signed up, young people will be able to set up their profile and start completing the missions.


Our COVID-19 Response


The School Enterprise Challenge is still running in 2020 and registrations remain open for the foreseeable future.

However, because of the restrictions imposed on people around the world due to the pandemic (social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, etc.) we will be running a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge. As such, deadlines which had been set at the start of the year (and still appear on certain parts of our website and materials) no longer apply. Instead, we encourage teams to do what they can, when they can, whilst remaining safe and acting in accordance with local and international health regulations.

We would like to reassure all members of our community that we remain committed to supporting teachers around the world to deliver a relevant education to their students by providing high quality enterprise education resources and support.

Therefore, as well as continuing to run a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge (for those who are able to still go to school or meet remotely) as mentioned above, we will also be offering free professional development opportunities for all teachers from all countries (not just those who are already taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge).

We developed a series of webinars (interactive online educational sessions) focusing on enterprise education and holistic teaching skills & methodologies. They are all available on the Teach A Man To Fish YouTube channel.

Despite being faced with difficult circumstances, we are determined to continue working towards our mission. This means we will continue to support teams to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge as best as possible and we will also increase our offerings to teachers in order to make sure they are well supported during this period and are equipped with the skills to succeed once normality resumes and schools re-open.

Important note: We advise all our community members to follow WHO guidance in response to COVID-19 at all times.

School businesses led by inspirational girls

While International Women’s Day is now behind us, we think that we should make March international Women’s month! The School Enterprise Challenge is proud of supporting girls and young women throughout our programme, sharing with schools the importance of giving boys and girls equal chances of participating in school businesses. We have seen all sorts of school businesses where girls are the ones leading innovative businesses, becoming a source of inspiration for the entire world. Below, we share with you some examples of school teams led by girls who are shining through their brilliant work, and who we are happy to support in their entrepreneurial journey.

Olympic High School ( Gender Equality Prize)Our first amazing girl-led business are the Winners of the 2019 Gender Equality Champions of the Year Prize, the students from Olympic High School in Kenya. This group of girls set up and ran a school business called “Tailala Growers”. This team grows vegetables in recycled tyres, a wonderful initiative to give a purpose to discarded items. They made the decision to use their profits for a worthy cause, as they have been purchasing sanitary towels for girls to ensure they don’t have to skip school due to period poverty.

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Highlights of the Blogging Mini-Competition 2018

This year’s Blogging Mini-Competition was our most popular yet! Students from Egypt, Ghana, Afghanistan, India, Algeria, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, South Sudan, Rwanda and South Africa all shared their thoughts on a range of topics from how to come up with a great idea for a school business to investigating what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

BMC participants flags

Check out our team’s top 10 highlights from the articles we received below. To view a blog, simply click on a school’s name!

The Pen International School, Ghana

The Pen International Ghana.jpgThe blog from The Pen International School, Ghana is an excellent recap of how to come up with a business idea for your team. We found the article truly exhilarating and revealing. The examples given about their beekeeping and necklace making businesses both stemmed from real-life struggles of people in the community and their products have successfully resolved them all! What a combination! In the end, their concise and punchy conclusion reminds us of a simple, but powerful fact that ‘to generate business ideas, just solve peoples’ problems’. Click here to read their blog.

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SUSTAINABILITY: School businesses that keep on growing

William Lyonga bio for blog

Now that the Final Report deadline for the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 has passed, we look at how schools can keep their businesses going into the new year. We spoke with William Lyonga of Bishop Rogan College in Cameroon, winner of our Inspirational Teacher Award in 2014 and current member of our Teacher Advisory Panel.

What steps have you taken to ensure that the school business continues to operate beyond the Final Report deadline?

The business team has planned to continue business activities as normal.  In our situation of a Gardening Business, here in Cameroon, we have two farming seasons, one at the start of the academic year and the other at the fourth quarter of the academic year.  The second period is still to come and members have agreed to plant more crops during the second farming season.  Farm products are needed all throughout the year.

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