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The School Enterprise Challenge 2020: Information about prizes and deadlines

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for everyone, and our team has been working hard to continue supporting schools, through our professional development webinars for teachers and our newest initiative for teenagers, the Enterprise Adventure.

We know that there are many school business teams who are still eager and able to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge, and who have been moving forward coming up with, planning and implementing their school business! As always, our team is so excited to see what great ideas students come up with and how they turn these into a reality. 

Deadline for the School Enterprise Challenge 2020

As the end of the year is approaching, we have decided to have a submission deadline once again, to help business teams effectively plan their time – and so we can review business teams’ submissions and decide who is eligible to receive their Award Level certificate or a prize this year!

The final submission deadline for 2020 will be on Friday 20th November. 

Changes to the School Enterprise Challenge 2020 prize list

The School Enterprise Challenge team has also faced difficulties this year – due to budget cuts, we had to reduce the amount of funding dedicated to prizes for this year. In spite of everything, we are happy to still be able to offer a variety of prizes to the most enterprising schools, teachers and students this year!

We have come up with a brand new prize list featuring more prizes for the Best Business Ideas and Business Plans. This is because we know that this year, many teams will not have been able to run their businesses. But we still want to reward the effort and dedication that teams have put in despite the challenging circumstances! And don’t forget that because of the disruption from COVID-19, fewer schools are taking part: this means that schools’ chances of winning a prize are higher, as they will have fewer competitors.


So, if it is safe for business teams to do so, we encourage them to submit their next template by 20th November 2020 and try to win one of our great prizes for their school! 

The Enterprise Adventure is here!

We are so excited to announce that the Enterprise Adventure app has launched! Young people all over the world can now take part in this exciting new initiative that will take them on an entrepreneurial journey in 10 missions.

The Enterprise Adventure helps young people identify the problems their community is facing and guides them to set up a social enterprise that solves those problems.
Taking part in the Enterprise Adventure is free and easy: all students have to do is go to the Enterprise Adventure app and sign up with their email or Google account. Once signed up, young people will be able to set up their profile and start completing the missions.


Our COVID-19 Response


The School Enterprise Challenge is still running in 2020 and registrations remain open for the foreseeable future.

However, because of the restrictions imposed on people around the world due to the pandemic (social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, etc.) we will be running a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge. As such, deadlines which had been set at the start of the year (and still appear on certain parts of our website and materials) no longer apply. Instead, we encourage teams to do what they can, when they can, whilst remaining safe and acting in accordance with local and international health regulations.

We would like to reassure all members of our community that we remain committed to supporting teachers around the world to deliver a relevant education to their students by providing high quality enterprise education resources and support.

Therefore, as well as continuing to run a more flexible version of the School Enterprise Challenge (for those who are able to still go to school or meet remotely) as mentioned above, we will also be offering free professional development opportunities for all teachers from all countries (not just those who are already taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge).

We developed a series of webinars (interactive online educational sessions) focusing on enterprise education and holistic teaching skills & methodologies. They are all available on the Teach A Man To Fish YouTube channel.

Despite being faced with difficult circumstances, we are determined to continue working towards our mission. This means we will continue to support teams to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge as best as possible and we will also increase our offerings to teachers in order to make sure they are well supported during this period and are equipped with the skills to succeed once normality resumes and schools re-open.

Important note: We advise all our community members to follow WHO guidance in response to COVID-19 at all times.

School businesses led by inspirational girls

While International Women’s Day is now behind us, we think that we should make March international Women’s month! The School Enterprise Challenge is proud of supporting girls and young women throughout our programme, sharing with schools the importance of giving boys and girls equal chances of participating in school businesses. We have seen all sorts of school businesses where girls are the ones leading innovative businesses, becoming a source of inspiration for the entire world. Below, we share with you some examples of school teams led by girls who are shining through their brilliant work, and who we are happy to support in their entrepreneurial journey.

Olympic High School ( Gender Equality Prize)Our first amazing girl-led business are the Winners of the 2019 Gender Equality Champions of the Year Prize, the students from Olympic High School in Kenya. This group of girls set up and ran a school business called “Tailala Growers”. This team grows vegetables in recycled tyres, a wonderful initiative to give a purpose to discarded items. They made the decision to use their profits for a worthy cause, as they have been purchasing sanitary towels for girls to ensure they don’t have to skip school due to period poverty.

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Highlights of the Blogging Mini-Competition 2018

This year’s Blogging Mini-Competition was our most popular yet! Students from Egypt, Ghana, Afghanistan, India, Algeria, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, South Sudan, Rwanda and South Africa all shared their thoughts on a range of topics from how to come up with a great idea for a school business to investigating what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

BMC participants flags

Check out our team’s top 10 highlights from the articles we received below. To view a blog, simply click on a school’s name!

The Pen International School, Ghana

The Pen International Ghana.jpgThe blog from The Pen International School, Ghana is an excellent recap of how to come up with a business idea for your team. We found the article truly exhilarating and revealing. The examples given about their beekeeping and necklace making businesses both stemmed from real-life struggles of people in the community and their products have successfully resolved them all! What a combination! In the end, their concise and punchy conclusion reminds us of a simple, but powerful fact that ‘to generate business ideas, just solve peoples’ problems’. Click here to read their blog.

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SUSTAINABILITY: School businesses that keep on growing

William Lyonga bio for blog

Now that the Final Report deadline for the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 has passed, we look at how schools can keep their businesses going into the new year. We spoke with William Lyonga of Bishop Rogan College in Cameroon, winner of our Inspirational Teacher Award in 2014 and current member of our Teacher Advisory Panel.

What steps have you taken to ensure that the school business continues to operate beyond the Final Report deadline?

The business team has planned to continue business activities as normal.  In our situation of a Gardening Business, here in Cameroon, we have two farming seasons, one at the start of the academic year and the other at the fourth quarter of the academic year.  The second period is still to come and members have agreed to plant more crops during the second farming season.  Farm products are needed all throughout the year.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Inspiration From a School Enterprise Challenge Graduate


Mbulelo Mandindi (19 years old) graduated from Hillcrest High School in South Africa in 2014. A School Enterprise Challenge participant during his time there he acted as a team leader in their business, King Circle Events. With the programme having had a huge impact on him, he remained involved in its running through 2015, further highlighting his huge level of commitment. He is now in the process of setting up his very own social enterprise alongside his studies in Transport Management at Johannesburg University.

Tell us a little bit about your business

“My company is called Future Bryt. It’s a socially innovative company that focuses on children’s fitness. We aim to provide a solution for an increasingly alarming social problem – a dangerously low level of activity amongst children born between 2004 and 2008, who are considered to be the most inactive generation of children in history.”

Did taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge help you set up your business?

“Yes, the School Enterprise Challenge definitely helped me set up my own business. In fact, it almost completely reshaped my perception of business. It introduced me to the prospect of businesses having a much greater role to play in society.”

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Logo Mini-Competition 2016 winners

We would like to start saying a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated in the 2016 School Enterprise Challenge Logo Mini-Competition! We had an incredible amount of submissions this year, with over 100 schools sending in wonderful logos. We really enjoyed looking at every single one and picking a winner was very difficult process for us because we really liked them all!

For this reason, as well as an overall winner, we have also picked two runners-up and a further 7 logos which we think stood out from the rest. We wanted to recognise as many logos as possible. Please comment in the section at the bottom of this page to show your appreciation for these great logos!

The Winner of the 2016 Logo Mini-Competition comes from Mount Abu Public School in India. This stylish and colourful design does a fantastic job of advertising their school business, Herbs & Cure. We think it has everything a good logo should: Bright colours, simple but elegant design and includes the name of the business. Congratulations to the Mount Abu SEC students for their brilliant logo!

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Blogging Mini Competition: What Makes a Good Blog?

The School Enterprise Challenge blogging mini competition is in full swing now! We’ve already received some wonderful blogs and can’t wait to get some more! To encourage you to start or update your own blog, we are sharing some top tips about blogging!

top tipsWe understand that the thought of blogging can be sometimes daunting, but we hope this post will show you just how fun and easy it really is! Once you’ve set up your blog, you’ll want to make sure it stays relevant and interesting. Here are some Top Tips to do it:

  • It is important to blog regularly, at least once every two weeks. This keeps your audience and readers engaged and helps build a friendly online relationship with other bloggers!
  • Spend some time making your blog attractive, for example by adding nice photos. Remember, your blog is an opportunity for you to advertise your business and gain new fans and customers!
  • 20140218-IMG_4135Content. Your entries should tell about the progress of your school enterprise. In the early stages, you will probably want to focus on how you have come up with your idea, and as your enterprise progresses you will focus more on sales, production and any events that you might have held. Your blog is an opportunity for you to share your journey with others!
  • Keep your posts short, sweet and informative, not everyone will be keen to read a long post! You should aim to keep your posts between 400-500 words
  • Engage with other users! Leaving comments, liking and sharing posts or following blogs, helps to increase your blog’s activity. Leaving comments on the posts of other School Enterprise Challenge blogs is a great way to share ideas and potentially receive friendly advice on how to help your business grow!
  • Limages (1)et people know about your posts. Make sure to share your blog posts on all your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!
  • Never forget that this is for fun! The best blogs tend to be those that are written naturally, so always remember to have fun when you write!

We hope these tips are useful and aid you on your way to creating a successful and entertaining blog. Here is an example of a blog that caught our eye!

CAKEStudents at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India have done a great job of keeping their audience and the community regularly informed of their developments, doing so with a great blend of images and text! They have shared their journey from the start, while cleverly advertising their product. Click here to take a look at their fantastic blog!

Do not forget to share your blog’s address with us by emailing and you could be our next blogging mini competition winner! Happy blogging from everyone at the School Enterprise Challenge team, we hope to see your blogs up and running soon!

happy blogging

Enter our 2016 Mentoring Programme!

Whether you’re just starting your school business or your business is already up and running– our mentoring scheme is for you!

The Mentoring Programme is a unique opportunity to learn from carefully selected business mentors who are experts in their fields and want to help you succeed in your enterprise!

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is an opportunity to receive one to one support and guidance from a professional working in the business world.

A mentor shares their ideas, knowledge, skills and experience to help your business grow! It is about more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering you so you can reach your goals and set new ones!

A mentor is not someone you only contact when you face difficulties or have specific questions, but someone who can guide you and give you a fresh perspective even when you think things are going well.

Why join the programme?

It’s a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and reach your potential by receiving invaluable feedback from extremely knowledgeable mentors. Your mentor will be able to help you with your business plan and your final report! They will offer comments, feedback, and explain any confusing parts!

Colegio Bautista Libertad, NicaraguaIt helps to have fresh eyes go over your finished templates. Even when you’re doing great, your mentor will provide helpful comments, annotate your plan and help you get ahead in the Challenge!

If you’re just starting out in your business, you will – like everyone else – run into unexpected problems or unforeseen circumstances. In those cases, your mentor is the person you can turn to for new ideas and support!

If you’re running a successful business, your mentor will help you expand your business, increase your income or customers – sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Your mentoring relationship is as effective as you want it to be. You shouldn’t overwhelm your mentor – email them about 2 times per month, but make it count! They are more than happy to offer guidance – that’s why they signed up!

What might a correspondence with your mentor look like?

Take a look at our example!

email exampleemail example 2

Last year, our schools were very happy with their mentors, and their support has really helped them!

Twitter exchange2St. Mark’s School in India said their mentor Abayomi, “was fantastic, easy to communicate, full of ideas and always ready with encouraging words.”

Samsara The World Academy said their mentor offered invaluable guidance” and the “suggestions and comments were really helpful in improving our school business and facilitated higher sales and popularity of our food items among the school students as well as their parents.”

The School Enterprise Challenge believes the Mentor Programme is for everyone, which means it is an excellent opportunity for you!

If you would like some more information, please download our Mentoring Information Pack for Schools. If you already decided that this opportunity is for you, click here to complete the registrations form!

Sign up for a mentor now and have an even more amazing School Enterprise Challenge yet! Our team of mentors are eagerly waiting for you to sign-up!