Blogging Mini Competition: What Makes a Good Blog?

The School Enterprise Challenge blogging mini competition is in full swing now! We’ve already received some wonderful blogs and can’t wait to get some more! To encourage you to start or update your own blog, we are sharing some top tips about blogging!

top tipsWe understand that the thought of blogging can be sometimes daunting, but we hope this post will show you just how fun and easy it really is! Once you’ve set up your blog, you’ll want to make sure it stays relevant and interesting. Here are some Top Tips to do it:

  • It is important to blog regularly, at least once every two weeks. This keeps your audience and readers engaged and helps build a friendly online relationship with other bloggers!
  • Spend some time making your blog attractive, for example by adding nice photos. Remember, your blog is an opportunity for you to advertise your business and gain new fans and customers!
  • 20140218-IMG_4135Content. Your entries should tell about the progress of your school enterprise. In the early stages, you will probably want to focus on how you have come up with your idea, and as your enterprise progresses you will focus more on sales, production and any events that you might have held. Your blog is an opportunity for you to share your journey with others!
  • Keep your posts short, sweet and informative, not everyone will be keen to read a long post! You should aim to keep your posts between 400-500 words
  • Engage with other users! Leaving comments, liking and sharing posts or following blogs, helps to increase your blog’s activity. Leaving comments on the posts of other School Enterprise Challenge blogs is a great way to share ideas and potentially receive friendly advice on how to help your business grow!
  • Limages (1)et people know about your posts. Make sure to share your blog posts on all your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!
  • Never forget that this is for fun! The best blogs tend to be those that are written naturally, so always remember to have fun when you write!

We hope these tips are useful and aid you on your way to creating a successful and entertaining blog. Here is an example of a blog that caught our eye!

CAKEStudents at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India have done a great job of keeping their audience and the community regularly informed of their developments, doing so with a great blend of images and text! They have shared their journey from the start, while cleverly advertising their product. Click here to take a look at their fantastic blog!

Do not forget to share your blog’s address with us by emailing and you could be our next blogging mini competition winner! Happy blogging from everyone at the School Enterprise Challenge team, we hope to see your blogs up and running soon!

happy blogging

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Enter our 2016 Mentoring Programme!

Whether you’re just starting your school business or your business is already up and running– our mentoring scheme is for you!

The Mentoring Programme is a unique opportunity to learn from carefully selected business mentors who are experts in their fields and want to help you succeed in your enterprise!

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is an opportunity to receive one to one support and guidance from a professional working in the business world.

A mentor shares their ideas, knowledge, skills and experience to help your business grow! It is about more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering you so you can reach your goals and set new ones!

A mentor is not someone you only contact when you face difficulties or have specific questions, but someone who can guide you and give you a fresh perspective even when you think things are going well.

Why join the programme?

It’s a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and reach your potential by receiving invaluable feedback from extremely knowledgeable mentors. Your mentor will be able to help you with your business plan and your final report! They will offer comments, feedback, and explain any confusing parts!

Colegio Bautista Libertad, NicaraguaIt helps to have fresh eyes go over your finished templates. Even when you’re doing great, your mentor will provide helpful comments, annotate your plan and help you get ahead in the Challenge!

If you’re just starting out in your business, you will – like everyone else – run into unexpected problems or unforeseen circumstances. In those cases, your mentor is the person you can turn to for new ideas and support!

If you’re running a successful business, your mentor will help you expand your business, increase your income or customers – sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Your mentoring relationship is as effective as you want it to be. You shouldn’t overwhelm your mentor – email them about 2 times per month, but make it count! They are more than happy to offer guidance – that’s why they signed up!

What might a correspondence with your mentor look like?

Take a look at our example!

email exampleemail example 2

Last year, our schools were very happy with their mentors, and their support has really helped them!

Twitter exchange2St. Mark’s School in India said their mentor Abayomi, “was fantastic, easy to communicate, full of ideas and always ready with encouraging words.”

Samsara The World Academy said their mentor offered invaluable guidance” and the “suggestions and comments were really helpful in improving our school business and facilitated higher sales and popularity of our food items among the school students as well as their parents.”

The School Enterprise Challenge believes the Mentor Programme is for everyone, which means it is an excellent opportunity for you!

If you would like some more information, please download our Mentoring Information Pack for Schools. If you already decided that this opportunity is for you, click here to complete the registrations form!

Sign up for a mentor now and have an even more amazing School Enterprise Challenge yet! Our team of mentors are eagerly waiting for you to sign-up!

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Business Growth: The Next Exciting Challenge!

Setting up a business is a huge achievement! However, the journey is not over once you launch; to keep your business healthy you need to continue growing and diversifying it. So why not take your school business to the next level? Our Business Growth Track is here to help. Let’s check it out!

What is the Business Growth Track?

The Business Growth Track is designed to support schools to develop and diversify existing school businesses. Schools can increase the quantity of production, reach a new market or sell new products! They will learn about making sustainable long term goalsincreasing profits and reinvesting them, finding new customers, helping the community and much more!

Why join the Business Growth Track?

Business-Growth-shutterstock_243528934Expanding a business is not always easy. Even big companies face challenges when they don’t have a clear growth path. For this reason it is very important that you get your team’s business planning skills up again to create a Business Growth Idea and Plan! You will need to update your marketing plan, competitors analysis, financial figures etc. in order to take your business to the next level!

By growing your business, more students can get involved, more learning opportunities created, and more profits generated! Here you will find some examples of how to do it!

  • Diversify your production to reach even more costumers and markets!
  • If your business is seasonal, look for ways to operate during the whole year.
  • Purchase new tools and machinery to make your business more efficient.
  • Adjust your business’ structure so that teachers and students can benefit from specialisation!

Join the School Enterprise Challenge to get even more ideas and examples of how to grow or diversify your business!

Successful stories

Meet the Business Development Winners 2015 and some of their great business growth ideas!

Kulachi Hansraj website

Students at Kulachi Hansraj Model School in India set up an enterprise called Udaan Creating Identity that sells food, handicrafts, products made from recycled materials and has a fun zone for kids. Being the Top Global Prize Winner in 2014, they used this reputation to attract more customers and grow from a team of 20 to more than 250! With a big and motivated team, they are now able to target a diverse network of customers and respond to one-off opportunities such as festivals.


Katosi C/U Primary School in Uganda started in 2014 producing liquid soap. In 2015, they were able to increase their production and start producing bathing soap. They launched the new product on the school’s open day and immediately attracted attention from the school and visitors! With the diversified production, they had a return on investment of 85%!


If you have a business, and you now see the importance of developing it even further, why don’t join the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 Business Growth Track? You still have time to register at and take your business to the next exciting level!

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New things to come in 2016!

The 2015 edition of The School Enterprise Challenge is now over – the winners have been announced and we have taken the time to celebrate everyone’s achievements. Since there is no time to waste, the registrations for the 2016 Challenge are now open! And whether you are still unsure about participating, or experienced in running a school business, read on and discover some of the new opportunities we prepared for you!

First of all, we are now changing the focus of the Challenge from a competition to an awards programme. We really feel that just by taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge, you are already winners. Learning about entrepreneurship, setting up your own business, getting hands-on experience – these are all extremely valuable and by doing this work, your students are already winning a better future! We also don’t want you to feel like you are competing with other schools. Think of it as a global partnership and a learning network!

This does not mean that we will not have prizes. In fact, we will have even more prizes this year, so you will have more chances of being a winner! Stay tuned for details!

What’s new in 2016:

  • The Buddy Initiative

It’s always better to have a partner!

If your school has participated in the School Enterprise Challenge before and you are ready to share your knowledge with a new school, then the Buddy Initiative is for you! By participating, you will develop new coaching skills, meet new people and help a new school get started in the path of entrepreneurship! Even more, you will have the chance to win the BUDDY SCHOOL OF THE YEAR AWARD!

  • Student and Teacher Panels

If you would like to shape the future of The School Enterprise Challenge, if you have some insights into what could be improved, things you liked and some that weren’t so greatwe need you! Please get involved in our student and teacher panels to give us feedback and help us make the programme better! The call for participants will be open in some weeks, but if you know you would like to be a part, get in touch!

  • New and exciting videos at our YouTube Channel!
A snapshot from an upcoming video!

A snapshot from an upcoming video!

We created five NEW teacher training videos, among them ‘Managing your business team’ and ‘Action planning and problem solving’. The videos are an engaging way to support the students’ understanding of business planning. We are excited to share them on our new School Enterprise Challenge YouTube channel to be launched soon!

  • New Alumni Programme


Stay connected with our global network!

Graduated or passed your business on to younger students? Let us know about your experience since your participation in the School Enterprise Challenge! Young students need someone to look up to, and you have been in their position – who better to get advice from? Stay connected with a global network of young entrepreneurs through our Alumni Group!


  • Marketing Champion Competition
spread the word2

Be our Marketing Champion 2016!

Do you think the School Enterprise Challenge has taught you valuable things? Would you like to spread the word? This is a great mini competition for you! In 2015, 2919 schools entered The School Enterprise Challenge.  This year we want to get 5000 schools involved and starting a business – help us to spread the word and you could be crowned our 2016 MARKETING CHAMPION!

You can hold an event, design a poster, use social media or word of mouth – anything to get them going! Check the ‘Mini Competition’ section of our website for more information!

We hope that after reading what’s new in the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 you feel as excited as we are! REGISTER HERE and be part of the School Enterprise Challenge 2016! Registrations close on the 24th of April!

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Achievements of the School Enterprise Challenge 2015!

With the winners already announced and the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 up and running, we thought it was high time to thank and congratulate everyone who made the School Enterprise Challenge 2015 a very successful year!

Kariba South Primary School, Zambia – Stage 3 Global Winner 2015

We have recently announced the Global Winner of the 2015 School Enterprise Challenge (although all of you who took part and learned something new are winners!), Kariba South Primary School in Zambia. Young learners from Kariba South have really impressed us with their tailoring business and their commitment to its sustainability and environmental friendliness. We especially applaud their focus on the well-being of girls, by making re-usable pads and using their income to build a latrine for girls! Please visit their social media sites to find out more about their fantastic business!

School Enterprise Challenge 2015 Achievements

The School Enterprise Challenge 2015 was our fifth successful year, and we are proud to say that in 2015:

  • The Challenge expanded to more than 2,900 schools in 106 countries!
  • Over 70,000 students and 2,000 teachers and staff developed enterprising skills by planning and setting up businesses!
  • Schools generated a staggering total income of over $366,000, while total net profit increased by 40%, totalling over $190,000!
  • 63 of the 430 schools that reached business implementation stage were developing an existing enterprise, proving the sustainability of their businesses!

We have seen amazing ideas being implemented and generating real income for your schools, among them healthy biscuits in Mexico, organic fertilisers in Colombia, a bakery in Ukrainebee-keeping in Cameroon and bamboo handicrafts in Sri Lanka, proving there are no limits to your creativity and what you can achieve!

Mount AbuMoreover, the School Enterprise Challenge is changing the way both students and teachers approach education – we have seen you endorsing the “learning by doing” approach, as well as using new skills and testing theory in practice – all incredibly important for young people’s futures!

Continuing on from 2014, in 2015 we introduced even more Mini Competitions, which gave you a chance to showcase a multitude of your talents and creativity: young students created logos, wrote blogs, organised launch events, designed T-Shirts, filmed videos and celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the School Enterprise Challenge 2015! We can’t wait to welcome you again this year! Registrations for the School Enterprise Challenge 2016 are now open! Register now at and join our global and continuously growing network of enterprising schools!

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Wondering what next? Try setting up a school partnership!

Hopefully by now your business is in full swing and you have submitted your final report – congratulations! So what now? Well, your School Enterprise Challenge journey does not end here! We hope that all your businesses are as sustainable as possible, and that you will continue developing them for as long as you can. Now is the perfect time to start up a school partnership with one of your fellow members of the School Enterprise Challenge community in order to help you do this!

A school partnership is a link formed between two schools, through which you can share ideas and experiences.  The idea is that both schools benefit from talking to each other about their businesses, their challenges and their new ideas for improvements. And beyond the business, school partnerships are also a way for students get to know more about different countries and cultures!

three children at table

You can communicate via email, letter, social media, Skype – however you like!

Are you finding that your team would benefit from some new motivation after the initial excitement of your business success? Or are you still having a few teething problems that could benefit from a new perspective? By talking things through with another school that is going through similar things, you may be able to tackle problems together. You will also definitely be re-energised with excitement and new ideas after speaking to other students and hearing what they are doing with their business! Even if your enterprise seems to be going swimmingly, a partnership can still be great fun. You can celebrate your successes with another school, or share tips to help them!

School partnerships4

You can send each other photos, videos and drawings of your school, local area, food or music, to give a feel for your daily life!

A great way to communicate with other schools is by setting up pen pals. This is an enriching experience for everyone involved, as it helps you gain self-awareness, cultural understanding, and new friends! This can even be combined into your usual classes! Perhaps in Geography you could spend a lesson looking at the country in which your partner school is based, or how about drawing or painting something to send to your pen pal in Art? The options of how you want your partnership to work are endless, and the benefits are too!

School partnerships2 (1)

Having a pen pal gives you an understanding of cultures all across the world.

To read more about school partnerships and how to set one up, please download our School Partnerships Guide from the ‘Extra Resources’ section of our website. We really hope that you get chatting with each other and share as much experience and knowledge as possible! Start your partnership now!

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Launching your business!

We received some great entries for the Launch Event Mini Competition, which we all enjoyed reading! We were impressed with some of the things you told us, so we decided to share some of them with the School Enterprise Challenge Community!

Even Facebook holds launching events to tell the world about their latest updates!

A launch event is a an ideal opportunity to promote your school business to all your classmates, friends and family. It creates excitement, support and interest around your business and helps to ensure that it is as successful and profitable as possible. By promoting your business to your local community,  you are reaching out to potential customers who are most likely to be buying your product or using your service. It is also an ideal space to explain, promote and get feedback on your future business plans!

Top Tips for the launching of your business!

  • Make sure everyone involved understands the product and can communicate the unique selling point of your business!
  • Offer a small sample of your product at the launch event to get feedback or to entice customers to buy it!
  • Uganda

    Pupils at Mackay Memorial College, Uganda invited the local media to their event.

    Get in touch with local media- TV, newspaper, and radio to ask if they could publicise your launch event.

  •  Launch your business on a significant day– a national holiday/school event. This will ensure lots of exposure and interest in your business.
  • Take lots of photos and videos that you could add to your Faceboook, Twitter or Blog. Inform your followers about what you are doing!
  • Have fun! Remember that this is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

Winners of the Launch Event Mini Competition 2015

Students at BGS launching their business.

Congratulations to BGS National Public School  in India for winning the launching event mini competition! Well done! The ‘Money for Mankind’ team showed lots of energy, passion and commitment launching their product and food fair to a crowd of more than 5,000 friends, family and local community! They also have blogged extensively and have a fantastic Facebook page for their business!.

We would also like to congratulate the runner-ups of this competition: Mackay Memorial College, Uganda and KIIT World School, India for their amazing launching events! Mackay Memorial College received coverage from Uganda’s National Television station for the launch of their poultry business. Great idea!

Students at KIIT launched a new development of their existing business.

With an  already established business, Nutri-Cafe, students at KIIT World School, used their launch event to promote a new focus of ‘Health Zone’  of their successful health cafes.

For more information about launching an event, please visit our website and download Guide 12: ‘Launching your Business’.  If you haven’t held a launch event yet, use our tips and hold one now! Don’t forget to tell us how you did it by emailing us or sharing it on our Facebook Page!

Good luck!!

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