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Buddy Up! Introducing the Buddy Initiative 2019

Starting a new business from scratch and developing it over time is one of the greatest and most valuable experiences that your school can undertake. That’s why the School Enterprise Challenge is such a fantastic opportunity for every school and we encourage schools all around the world to take part.

But… did you know that you have the chance to join forces with another school and share your knowledge and build even more skills for teachers and students? Yes, it’s as good as it sounds! Introducing… the Buddy Initiative!

St. Mark's School 2.JPG

The Buddy Initiative is a fantastic opportunity for experienced schools (taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge on the Silver or Gold level) to share their business expertise with another local school (who has not taken part in the School Enterprise Challenge before) and become mentors! It is the chance to join together with a school with fewer resources, perhaps a government-run school or one from a less affluent area.

The School Enterprise Challenge is run through our website and we communicate with participating schools through email and WhatsApp. However, not all schools have access to the internet and therefore cannot access this life-changing programme. That’s why we need your help.  

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